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Hey Guys and welcome to our Marijuana Picture Gallery!
Here we decided to bring together all our pictures of our indoor cultures. We’ve divided them between the different strains that we’ve been growing.

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

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Pictures of Big Buddha Cheese Marijuana

So we’ve covered BBC on multiple fronts, from articles around her lifecycle (links below), to an in-depth guide on this strain of Marijuana. We decided to group together all the pictures so that you could cruse through them at once and imagine her growth, enjoy 😉

We’ve grouped all our pictures in the following groups:

BBC during the Vegetative Stage

Here are our picture of our Big Buddha Cheese after getting the cuttings into the soil. We covered that whole part of here life in this article, but here are the images of that part of this little one’s life.

Vertical view of the first day after potting
The cutting starting to grow
First main leaf growing on the BBC cutting
Plan taking in the nitrogen from the leaf
big buddah cheese - first half of the vegetative stage
big buddah cheese just about ready for scrog installation
Transplantation of a plant - Soil extracted
Transplanting the cannabis, extracted from the soil successfully

By the time we got to that last one we started placing the screen since we had decided to go for a ScrOG, here are the images but if you want to know more on scrogging check out our tutorial over here

Big Buddha Cheese ScrOG vegetative stage pictures

BBC in the growth stage reaching its scrog screen
guiding the apex over the screen during scrog
Big Buddha cheese scrog well in the vegetative stage
Weed plan growing all over the place due to uncontroled scrog
big buddha cheese SCROG stretch phase

Big Buddha Cheese ScrOG Flowering stage stage pictures

Coming Soon

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Flowering Pictures and Fruit Auto

In this section of the page we’ve grouped together all our pictures of our Critical+ 2.0 and Fruit Auto-flowering plants. Since we’ve been growing them together their images are grouped together. For you to be able to identify, the bottom middle and bottom right one’s are the critical 2’s and the four others are the Fruit strain.

This run allowed us to learn a lot about Auto-flowering seeds and these 2 strains of marijuana, which is really cool. Since we learned something we grouped it up into a guide for you guys also! So if you want to learn more about auto-flowering seeds it’s this way, for information on critical+ 2.0 click here.

To facilitate your discovery we’ve grouped the pictures in the following categories:

Germination and sprouting of Critical+ 2.0 Auto flowering seeds

You can barely see the first soil be broken by the sprout
Day 0 : Cannabis sprout just breaking the soil
Day 0 the sprout is shedding its seed shell and standing up
Front angle of the sprout is shedding its seed shell and standing up
First day after breaking ground, standing with the seed shell
Horizontale view of the marijuana's balance issues
Check out our full guide on Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Once the plants were in the grow room for a couple days we considering that the sprouting stage has ended and the plant enters the vegetative stage.

We covered this stage of here life in the 2 following articles if you want to know more

Pictures of Critical+ 2.0 during the vegetative stage

As promised let’s get into the vegetative of these babies

By day 10 the main leaves are starting to grow nicely
Top heavy sprout falling over
Week old plant holding up with 2 stakes
2 stake method allowing plant to grow stronger
vegetative stage balance issues
Critical+ 2.0 autoflower plant out of the old pot and going into the new
High view of the plants entering the flowering stage
Horizontal view of the strongest weed plant

If you’ve been following our blog you’re aware that these plants went into the flowering stage wayyyy to early. Believe it or not but by that last picture they had already started to enter the flowering stage. You can especially note that on the last global view with the small little pistils visible on the 2 middle plants.

As always we covered these steps of their lives in a couple different articles, here they are:

Pictures of Critical+ 2.0 and Fruit Auto-flo during the flowering phase

By now our babies are getting into the stretch and the flowering phase, gaining size and starting to produce those sweat sweat flowers we love so much.

Since this is still ongoing we’ll be updating this section regularly with new images

Pictures of Critical and Fruit during the stretch

Close up on Critical + 2.0 starting to flower
3 of the 6 plants are showing strong signs of thirst, time to water!
Horizontal view of the plants, you can clearly see the difference between the plants
Global view of all our plants in the new pots, you can see strong deficiencies
focus of the best critical 2 plant entering the stretch
Focus on the best Fruit strain weed of the 6
Global view of the 6 plants entering the stretch
Showing How to prune the leaf off marijuana
Focus on Critical+ 2.0 before pruning
Focus on Critical+ 2.0 after pruning

You can see that I’ve slipped a couple pictures of pruning the cannabis leaves as well as deficiencies showing on leaves of each plant. We’ll link below to the corresponding articles if you want to know more on this. For now, let’s get back to our pictures of marijuana 🙂

Critical+ 2.0 Auto and Fruit Flowering under the sodium light

Like we said earlier, our plants are still in this stage so we’ll regularly be adding more Critical+ 2.0 Auto-Flowering pictures as the plants grow in our room

And like promised, bellow our articles covering these 2 strain’s during their flowering stage

Hope you found what you were looking for in our Marijuana Picture Gallery; You can use these for recreational purposes but if there’s any commercial aspect to it all rights are reserver to Free the Tree

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