Days 16 – 20 : Watering and Heat issues

Hi there, Welcome back to another edition of our Critical + 2.0 and Fruit culture!
We’re now about three weeks after the germination of these little ones and they’ve been coming along pretty nicely.

Critical + 2.0 And Fruit: Third week of the vegetative stage

For the past week we’ve had issues in the balance of 3 of our plants and it’s been pretty rough. I’m happy to finally say that by day 21 we passed that hurdle! We actually did an article covering balance issues during the early vegetative stage if you want to check it out.

During this week, apart from those balance issues we went through heat stress and a nice watering, By the end of the week they were looking pretty happy and soon to be ready to get transplanted, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.
Let’s go through these couple days together.

Day 16 – Final days of our balance issues

Focus on four weed plants in early vegetative stage

At this point the plant on the bottom left corner was now stable, we had had the fan blowing over it for the past 2 days and the stem got strong enough to hold. We still decided to keep the pencil in for a couple days just in case. The 3 other ones.. not so much
You can see that the one with the biggest issues (top right) is still very top heavy, without the 2 stakes she would be totally horizontal to the ground. Technically she could survive that way, but we’ll agree that it’s not optimal.

On this issue, only time will tell if what we’ve done is enough, any way she should grow strong enough to stand straight, but it’s using up energy to do so instead of growing leaf mass.

Day 17 – It’s getting hot in the grow room!

Themometer showing 33 degrees in the grow house

Sooooo woke up this morning, the humidifier was out and it got up to 33°C(91°F) in there!! (Reminder: You really don’t want to get over 29°C), with the 14% humidity, really not the best way to wake up.

Luckily it didn’t really last very long, filled up the humidifier and it dropped back down to 27°C pretty quickly. It didn’t seem to really do much damage, although one of them is showing signs of heat stress.

On the picture below of day 19, you can see the edges of the leafs curling up, this might be signs of heat stress happening, so I really got to be careful during the upcoming days that the temperature doesn’t get too high (just bought a brand new fan!).

Day 19 – Watering time for these  plants!

Drooping marijuana leaves showing that it's time to water

See how the leafs of the plant are drooping down? This is the plant showing that its thirsty and you really need to water them ASAP

Now we did a whole guide on watering your marijuana plants that you can check out here but as a reminder here are the main points:

  • During the vegetative stage you want to give Nitrogen based solutions.
  • Give about a quart of soil volume in water.
  • Add some root booster to your mix
  • Keep the pH between 6 and 7

Now as you can see on the image, I already watered her and she’s still drooping. This is normal, it takes a couple hours for her to get back to her good old self!
Now if that’s not the case then you might be overwatering your plant so cool down. We’ll do a whole article on that soon but if you’re suspecting this, just chill out on the watering for a little less than a week, then water her, she should be better by then.

Day 20 – Nicely watered plants, getting back to growth

Top view of critical + 2.0 and Fruit plants after watering

These little one’s really enjoyed to watering, look at the nice green color, their leafs are nice and strong, basically just looking great 🙂
Now if you can notice, on the 2 right ones the soil is already dry on top layer and you can’t see but it’s also the case within the medium. These are the first signs that they are going to need a new home.

We still have stakes holding on all 4 plants just to be safe, although they seem to be holding up by now.
At this point, better safe than sorry so we’re going to keep them in as long as there’s hesitation.
Apart from that they’re pretty much living their lives now, chilling.

That’s it for this one guys, on the next post we’re going to go over the transplantation of these little one’s among other things.

Until then, be safe and grow easy

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