Day 10 – 15: Starting to stabilise and Leaf Growth

By day 10 the main leaves are starting to grow nicely

Critical +2.0 and Fruit auto-flo:  First days of Growth

So for the past couple days we’ve been fighting this top heavy issue, and what a fight…

This morning I was pleased to see that 2 out of 5 are basically standing on their own (the bottom left one being a late bloomer, she doesn’t have this issue)

Had another surprise, which wasn’t so pleasing.
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words

Focus on a sprout still to heavy

As you can see this little one is basically parallel to the ground.

This one is worrying me a little, the stem just can’t hole up the weight of the leafs. We’ll see how she evolves during the next couple days but we might have to set something up to get her standing.

Apart from that they’re pretty much chilling, the leaf mass has been increasing nicely which is cool, the second stage seems to be appearing from the most advanced ones, I’m pretty confident on this round.

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