Day 59 to 66 – End of flowering and Harvesting Fruit Strain Plants

2 plants just cured with its leaves and scissors

Hey there and welcome (back) to Free The Tree!
We’ve now arrived at the final post of this grow, it was short but intense! But don’t worry we’ve already got 5 seeds that have germinated and 4 Big Buddha Cheese clones going, next series is going to be even better 🙂

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, today we’re going to cover the harvest and curing of our 2 Fruit Auto flowering Marijuana plants, the 2 others aren’t ready yet.
As you will see, the 2 we’re about to cut are are super small, but the 2 one buds are looking ok considering, especially one of them. Regardless, as soon as those autoflowering plants started flowering on their own we knew that this would be a small one;

Let’s get into it!

Hold on.. How do autoflowering plants go into the flowering stage?

Day 59 – Holding back on harvesting

By now we had been observing the trichomes every day or two for the past 7 days or so, the two plants on the left were entering their 3rd and last cycle of browning pistils and most of the trichomes were milky. Furthermore they had been in a Nitrogen deficiency state for awhile now, so we new those buds were going to be super light, but suuuper tasty.
So really at this point they were ready to be harvested, but so small that we wanted to give them as many more days as possible to fatten..

The two one bud plants (on the right) were no where near ready, many trichomes were still clear, they had little or no signs of Nitrogen deficiency and they hadn’t even entered the 2nd round of browning pistils. We figured we had at least a week left on those two.

Here’s a couple of pics of these babies at this stage, as always you can click on them to see the full screen version.

4 Fruit Strain plants at the end of the flowering stage

One of the 2 One Buds

One of the 2 not One Buddig
(remember on day 51 we cut the side branches)

Now to show you with more detail what we meant when we said that the one buds still had white pistils and the other 2 plants were entering the 3rd phase of browning pistils here’s 2 close-ups on one of each

Mostly white pistils on the buds

Marijuana Pistils have started to become brown

Day 61 – Harvesting and curing the 2 first plants

By this time we started seeing some trichomes starting to turn and golden/brownish color, which is a sign that the THC levels are reducing and the CBD is rising. Depending on the type of plant and what you want as a high you might want to wait more, but since this is a Hybrid we don’t want her indica side to come out too much, it’s chop chop time.

Close up on 2 fruit strains ready to be harvested

Fruit ready to be harvested

One Bud marijuana so heavy it leans sideways

One Bud leaning under bud weight

One of the 2 not One Budding
(remember on day 51 we cut the side branches)

As you can see once out of the grow room her colors finally show on camera 🙂 Her strong nitrogen deficiency is a sign that her taste should be great, and those purple hints on the top of the buds just make her sexy haha.

We also placed a little picture of our one bud in the middle. As you can see her root system and stem aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the bud. We had to strap her up a little in order to help her stand up straight.

Getting back to the harvest, now that the plants are cut we need to get to curing them, we covered that with more detail in our previous article so we won’t go in detail on how to do so, but here are some picture (don’t expect the fattest buds..)

Close up on fruit bud with purple colors on the flowers and leaves

Purple bud

Fruit plant before curing

2 Fruit plants after curing

Crazy how much size they lose before and after curing them no?! Now it’s time to get them to dry for about 10 days.

Reminder: As we said in our previous article, don’t throw out your stems and leaves, you can reuse them for many things, from Hash with the leaves to Tea with the branches; (how to make hash over here)

Day 63 – Nitrogen Deficiency kicking in

In just 2 days the Nitrogen deficiency had started to advance, the bottom leaves started drying and were almost ready to fall off and the symptoms started spreading further up the plant.

Here’s a couple pictures of the 2 last plants of this cycle

2 plants soon ready to be harvested

Nitrogen deficiency spreading upward

Close up on marijuana flower

Close up on bud on the right

Main leaves almost all eaten up by nitrogen deficiency

2nd plant about a week short of harvest

Day 68 – Harvest and Curing the last plants

By now the nitrogen deficiency had advanced well, the pistils had started to brown for their 3rd time and the trichomes were all nice and milky, time harvest these last babies! Here’s what they looked like

One bud fruit strain cannabis harves

Plant 1

nice plant freshly harvested and ready to cure

Plant 2

As always, after this we got to get curing, here’s a couple more picture

2nd plant about a week short of harvest

Top of the Apex bud

Close up on bud on the right

Cured fruit strain plants

Plant 1 and 2 after curing

Now that we’ve cured them we got to get them drying. As we’ve said in the previous post, we just tie them upside down either in the grow room or in a cupboard. Since we’ve already started germinating new seeds this time they’re going in the cupboard!

Here’s what the 4 plants look like in there, you’ll be able to see right away the different in size and in color. The color difference is due to the fact that the 2 smaller plants are now in their 8th day of drying. Actually a little of the size difference is also linked to this, since while drying they loose in mass.

Different stages of drying marijuana buds

Fruit Plants drying in cupboard

scissors after curing the plants

Scissor full of resin and pistils

leftover leaves from the harvest

Leaves ready to go into the freezer for later use (home made hash soon!)

Well that’s it for this one guys, next time we’ll cover the germination of the Blue Thai, Blue Kush and the Cheese seeds, can’t wait 🙂

Until then, be safe and grow easy!

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