Grow Report Week 7 | End of Vegetation & Weaving Branches on the Screen

Last week of the vegetation stage

Hey there and welcome (back) to Free the Tree!
Today we’re going to cover the last week of the vegetative stage 🙂 within a little more than 2 months  we’ll have some nice flowers ready to be harvested hehe.
These last weeks have been pretty full of events, between the Potassium deficiency, branch weaving and finally our 2nd attempt to do some cuttings off our Blue Kush.

Here’s what we’re cover in this grow report:

Let’s get started

Weaving the branches and Removing Leaves

During the vegetation station you’re going to need keep weaving the branches along the screen.
You’ll notice that some leaves are creating shade over some auxiliary branches. As long as the branch in question can handle it, remove the leaf in question.

Here’s our pruning run, as always click on the image to see the full version.

Grow room before training the plants

Before Weaving the Branches

After weaving the branches

Pile of leaves that were pruned

Leaves pruned in order to remove shading

Don’t hesitate on those branches, but do be careful not to brake any. If you do snap a branch use Duck Tape to repair it.
You might also think that removing those branches is counter productive, but exposing those auxiliary branches to will push them to develop as a main cola’s. Do be careful not to remove too many leaves though, you want to leave enough for each branch to do enough photosynthesis.

Potassium Deficiency Spreading

So this week the potassium deficiencies kept on spreading across the two largest plants.
We we’re actually expecting that it would keep spreading this week since we’re the bio grow range of products.
These products are “long term release” nutrients which means that they take about 7 days to release into the soil, meaning that the plant can’t get access to those nutrients for 7 days after introducing it to the soil.

leaf with brown spots coming in, first signs of a Potassium deficiency

Last Week’s Status of the leaves

Deficiency spreading on the leaf

Potassium deficiency spreading

Leaf totally consumed by deficiency

Thankfully the deficiency stopped spreading to new leaves quickly so we only lost the couple leaves that were impacted at first.
As we bring forward in our guide, the only way to fix this is to add Potassium (K) the next time you water your plants.

For more, Check Out our Potassium Deficiency Guide

2nd Try at doing Cuttings

If you’ve been following, about 2 weeks ago we tried doing some cuttings of the Blue Kush for one of our friends. Unfortunately that one died because we weren’t able to keep 100% humidity so she started sweating. Once that has started it’s basically over.

This time around our friend is transporting them as soon as we cut the branches.
We’ve covered in depth how to transport in our cuttings guide which we’ll link to further below but here’s some pictures of the process.

Jar in order to transport cuttings

Jar half filled with water

2 Blue Kush cuttings in the jar

Cuttings in the water

jar closed maintaining 100% humidity

Closed Jar half filled water – 100% Humidity environment

Once the Cuttings are in the water and the jar is closed they’re ready to get going.
The quicker you get home and get them into the block of rock-wool the better the chance they’ll survive! (Don’t take risks driving though, better they don’t survive than you lose your life..)

How to do cuttings? Check out our step by step guide

Picture Evolution of Week 7

Before we go, here’s a couple pics of the grow room during the week. Next week we’re going to change the photo-periods in order to get the flowering stage going!

Half the plants passed the screen

Start of week 7

Half way through week 7, most plants reached the screen

Mid way through the week

Plants have fully covered the screen

End of the 7th Week

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