Joe Slaso asked 6 months ago

I have four plants that i am growing from seed and one of them has 3 stems. Never seen this before. I topped them at the fourth stem level and it resumed growing with only two stems with one much thicker than the other. The thicker stem has grown twice as fast as the other. A few days ago, after about 18″ of growth, i noticed the thicker stem has started to grow into two stems again. It is like the two stems joined together for a while (18″)  after the topping and are now splitting on their own to become a three stem plant again. Any idea what is going on? I can’t find anything on the internet and people I’ve spoken to has never heard of this before.

1 Answers
Mr j answered 6 months ago

This is called topping or fimming your plant . By splitting your stem it automatically splits in to two sometimes if your lucky it splits into three . Keep doing what your doing and happy growing