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Andrew asked 7 months ago

Bag seed 4 weeks flowering buds are turning purple lots of white trichomes.
4 week vegg. 4 week budding.the buds are turning purple temp 73 degrees small fan. I’ve grown many and never had any turn purple. All the buds are changing color. 3 100 watt L.E.D BULBS 3 CFL 100 WATT OVER HEAD 4 60 watt cfl around plant. Plant has a pungent smell. Is something wrong with the plant/s.
Thank for your time.

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plant-lover Staff answered 7 months ago

Hey Andrew!
Is there a big difference in temperature between the day and night? Some strains will naturally turn blue/purple with those conditions
We got some like that with a blue thai strain of ours, you can see a pic we had posted here: