Cannabis ForumCategory: Outdoor growing tipsCan i grow Laughing Buddha outdoors ?
Alex asked 8 months ago

Can i grow a laughing buddha seed outside with the sun instead of having it inside with led lights??

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plant-lover Staff answered 8 months ago

Hey Alex! For sure you just have to make sure you pick a spot with enough sun light.
Just for complementary info, all the LED  is doing (or any other light for that matter) et trying to replicate the sun’s light spectrum for your plants.
So, on paper, nothing better than sunlight, as long as you have enough 🙂 
Another important detail is the fact that you won’t be able to control when your plant will start flowering, as you don’t control the number of light hours in a day. Starting on june 21st, for the northern hemisphere, days get shorter. From that moment cannabis will go into flowering. Precisely depends on the strain and to be honest i haven’t tested with laughing buddha so i cannot tell you.
But you can def grow outdoor 🙂