Cannabis ForumCategory: Indoor growing tipsIs flushing absolutely necessary?
Dan asked 6 months ago

We planted in large felt bags that were too large for saucers underneath and flushing will just flood our tent

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plant-lover Staff answered 6 months ago

Hey Dan ! 
What is the original issue you are dealing with? Nutrient burn? 
If so flushing is definitely a good way to go as it’ll get the extra nutrients. I’ve had the issue of flooding also.. kind of had to audible it
Personally what i did was get the fans blowing like crazy on the ground, had a could towels down to get the water that would spill over, and kind of deal with that flooding like that…

Dan answered 6 months ago

I don’t have any issues like nutrient burn, the plants look great! It’s just that everyone seems to say that a few days prior to harvest one should “flush” the plants and there is no way for us to do that without flooding the tent given that they are scrogged.
So what will happen if we don’t flush prior to harvest?

plant-lover Staff answered 6 months ago

Aaaaaaaaaah okay i see what you mean
In that sens you don’t need to flush out the soil, just stop adding nutrients couple weeks before the harvest. 
We’ve covered that exact subject over here, it can help out 
But basically, this will force the plant to extract all the needed nutrients, like Nitrogen, from the buds and leaves, which will improve the taste of your flowers. 
If your buds are still full of nitrogen for instance you’ll definitely taste it and it could ruin the flavor of your harvest ^^ 

Dan answered 6 months ago