Steven asked 3 months ago

Hey everyone,
soil ph is always measuring at 7.0, when I take the measure it starts out about 8.5 to 9.0 than drop to 7.0 and this is from the soil how to I get it a little lover
thank much

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plant-lover Staff answered 2 months ago

Are you putting the pH meter directly in the soil? 
measure the water before placing it in the soil and when it has gone through your soil and sits at the bottom after you have watered (runoff), that will enable you to get an idea of the soil’s pH

plant-lover Staff answered 3 months ago

Hey Steven ! 
Where are you measuring the pH levels ? From the run off? 
Not sure if this of any help but this articles goes into measuring the pH levels of your watering mix

Steven answered 2 months ago

I am measuring it from the soil with a digital ph meter

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