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sagebrush asked 11 months ago

I needed more in depth info about the one bud technique. Do I cut off all branches and leave the leafs? Or do I leave the branches on and cut them after they have grown one set of leaves? If you could give me more information on this that’d be great….

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plant-lover Staff answered 11 months ago

 Hey Tim ! Hope all is well In the one bud technique the idea is not to have any auxiliary branches, so basically when she starts to grow side branches you can go ahead and cut them off. 
Careful during the stretch not to mistaken a branch growth for a bud site (little pistils appearing), you don’t want to chop off future flowers hehe  
Here is one of our weekly reports where we prune some plants with the objective of one-budding them 
 You can also check this article on one budding, it can help out 
Hope this helps, don’t hesitate if you have any questions ! 🙂
All the best,