Cannabis ForumCategory: Indoor growing tipsWhat strain to use for One Bud ?
Chris asked 8 months ago

I’d like to try to grow a one bud for the first time. Inside growing. I’d like your advice on what would be the best strain (preferably Indica) for a first timer like me?
Any good seeds that you think would do the job?

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plant-lover Staff answered 8 months ago

Hey Chris !  You can one bud with any strain really as it’s a training technique.That said there are a couple things to look out for : 1. As you’re going to be cutting auxiliary branches, if the strain is super bushy or in known for growing a lot of auxiliary branches, it’s maybe not the best pick, but if you really like the genetics it’s not a blocking issue.2. If you want to one bud multiple plants in the same grow tent you need to make sure they all have the same speed of growth, especially during the stretch. If you have a strain that stretches 50% and another 150% you\’re going to have canopy issues.  
The optimal thing to do is to make cuttings from the same plant so that you know, for sure, that they have the same characteristics. Here are 2 articles that can help you out, one on how to choose a strain, the other is a one budding tutorial  : You can also use our strain finder to find seeds that match what you like : Hope this helps you, 
Stay safe and grow easy Plant lover