How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Yoga Routine

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Combining CBD and Yoga

Do you want to get more out of your yoga routine? CBD oil may be the solution that you are looking for to improve your results. While yoga in itself is a great health and fitness solution, you can enhance its benefits with the aid of CBD oil.

What is cannabis oil? It is derived from the cannabis plant and has the chemicals that bind to the brain receptors to offer you with a wide range of benefits. Keep reading in the following for ways on how CBD oil can enhance your yoga routine.

Relieves Muscular Aches

Cannabidiol is also a natural pain reliever especially when used directly on the affected area in the form of a salve. If you’re looking to ease muscular aches, this topical product can be a better solution compared to mainstream pain relievers. Using salve in a direct delivery application, you don’t need to ingest cannabis.

Cannabis oil infused salve is a powerful product that you can buy in a marijuana  dispensary. It can go straight to the pain source and focus directly on this problem area. 

In this case, it is the topical solution chosen by people with chronic pain as well as athletes. Individuals who also want relief from daily aches and pains prefer a topical product, which contains strong dosage that can offer relief quickly. And the best part, it can also fight the inflammation directly in the pained area.

Natural Anxiety Treatment

One of the most known benefits of CBD is on the treatment of various mood disorders including depression and anxiety as well as posttraumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder. 

In a 2010 study, the researchers revealed that CBD could lessen the symptoms of social anxiety among sufferers with social anxiety disorder. 

As shown in the participants’ brain scans, they experienced blow flow changes in the brain regions linked to anxiety. However, more research is needed to evaluate the effects of CBD and its potential treatment help for anxiety.

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CBD Calms Your Mind

These days, calming the mind can be one of the hardest things to do especially with too many things to think about and handle. The stress associated with them is a common concern in this modern world, and that is where CBD can be of help, too.

It has mind-calming properties that can reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety that can also lead to high levels of stress. CBD may help in dealing with stress by influencing the brain’s system that is involved in stress management and responses.

Then, it is also known that stress, anxiety and depression can lead to lack of sleep or troubled sleeping. CBD may work as a natural sleep aid. It can reduce the symptoms of mood disorders that contribute to sleep difficulty and can enhance your sleep’s quality especially if you’re prone to stress.

Summing up, CBD oil can be your solution if you want a natural mind-calming solution that can help you deal with stress, anxiety or depression that makes your mind wander and give you a hard time in getting to sleep.

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Regulates Weight

Another notable benefit of CBD is its ability in boosting metabolism and reducing food intake. Both of these effects can aid in weight loss. There are also certain studies pointing out that the effects of CBD works by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the brain and lymphoid tissues.


In addition, CBD oil may help in the browning of fat cells. So if you want to get more out of your yoga routine, you might want to add it into your routine to lose weight. Brown fat works by generating the heat essential to calorie burning.

Regulates Mood

CBD can help in controlling the mood because it affects the brain regions and neurotransmitters associated with it. For example, it can help in boosting one’s serotonin levels that prove valuable for helping patients with depression and aid in improving the hippocampus’ health. Hippocampus controls brain emotions and regulates mood especially among patients suffering from anxiety and other mood disorders.

CBD can regulate one’s mood by improving the brain’s blood flow, lowering brain inflammation and boosting serotonin levels. In addition, you can also rely on it for reducing stress response and increasing the GABA activity.

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