Top 10 Strongest Marijuana Strains​ to try in 2022

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Top 10 High THC Strains​ : what are the strongest cannabis strains?

Looking to grow something that will get you really high? But like I mean, really really high? Then you’ve found the right list! Here I will present some of the strongest strains I’ve come across through my research.

This list contains marijuana strains with 25% THC or over that I can personally recommend or that I’ve found enough user reviews to feel confident in recommending.

Before we start it’s important to point out that some strains have greatly evolved over the years and despite having the same name, depending on which vendor you buy it from, characteristics may vary.

Advantages of high THC strains​

Some people might wonder what are the advantages of high THC strains. First of all, they can help with many illnesses as they’re great for appetite stimulation and pain relief. Find out more about this in our medical marijuana section.

Some people also look for strong marijuana strains in order to consume less weed and still get the same effect. Whether it be for monetary or medical reasons, some people just can’t consume too much and therefore a stronger strain can help with that.

What determines THC content?​

Many factors come into play when it comes to a plant’s THC content. First of all obviously genetics, different strains have different lineages with each their own THC content. But that’s not all, how you grow the plant is going to alter it’s THC content.

All along the grow cycle you influence the quality of your final product. During flowering time, and especially the second half of that time, is when you start to influence the final THC level of your plant. Some determining factors are: how much light the plant gets, how humid the environment is, what time you choose to harvest, and even how you dry your buds. 

Chemdawg Feminized by I Love Growing Marijuana

Chemdog is a hybrid of two tasty strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, resulting in a very diesel-like smell and a stroong skunky earthy flavor. This sativa dominant strain grows rather fast, even outdoors, and has a rather high THC level. It’s definitely not one of the strains with the most THC but with levels often going over 20% it still made its way to this list of the strongest marijuana strains. This iconic strains has great user reviews that praise its’ taste, yield and potency.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid
Flowering Length8 weeks
Yield400 gram/m2
THC Level25%
Starting price1 seed for $14.62

1024 feminised Seeds by Medical Seeds

1024 is a strain whose genetics is kept secret. It was developed by Medical Seeds, a spanish seedbank that specializes in developing strains that are effective as a therapeutic supplement to treat various ailments. 1024 adapts perfectly to various growing systems (hydro, organic, etc) and is recommended for growers looking to maximize their yield. Users recommend it for beginner growers but not for novice smokers since its strain with high THC levels. 

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Height100-180 cm (3.2-5.9 feet)
Flowering Length8 to 10 weeks
Yieldup to 600 gram/plant
THC Level20-25%
Starting price3 seeds for $31.93

Amnesia Trance Feminized Seeds by Dutch Seed Shop

Amnesia Trance is a lesser known stronger version of its famous older sister Super Silver. We put it in our strongest marijuana strains list because of its potent effect, it’s super calming giving you a bit of a feeling of ecstasy and bliss. Be careful it’s not recommended for beginner growers so if this is one of your first time growing maybe choose a different strain…

PhenotypeSativa dominant (65%)
Heightup to 90cm indoors
(2.9 feet)
Flowering Length9 to 10 weeks
Yield450-650 gram/m2
THC Level26%
Starting price5 seeds for $34.99

Chronic Feminized Seeds by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Made famous by Dr Dre, the Chronic is well known for being one of the strongest marijuana strains in the world. It is often used to treat medical conditions such as high blood pressure, mental illnesses, epilepsy, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, and heart failure. This strain will develop beautiful purple colors, a strong sweet taste and an earthy aroma. It is recommended to dry the buds thoroughly if you want to keep this smell and taste.

PhenotypeIndica dominant (70%)
Height70-90 cm (2.3-2.9 feet)
Flowering Length8 to 9 weeks
Yieldup to 80 gram/m2
THC Level20 – 30 %
Starting price5 seeds for $59

Laughing Buddha Feminised Seeds by Barney’s Farm

Highly recommended by users this strain seems to be a crowd pleaser. Almost purely sativa, Laughing Buddha will give you a creative, social and euphoric effect. The rather long flowering period gives it the time to develop large heavy colas dripping with sativa trichomes, leaving you with a good yield of some strong buds. The taste and aroma have often been described as exotic, fruity and sweet, with hints of lemon. We put this strain in the strongest marijuana strains list despite it not having the highest THC level because of its potent and powerful effect and the fact that people just generally love it. 

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Height100-110 cm (3.2-3.6 feet)
Flowering Length10 to 11 weeks
Yieldup to 600 gram/m2
THC Level22%
Starting price1 seed for $10.67

Super Nova Feminized Seeds by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

This strain got its stellar name because of the crystals that develop during the flowering stage, giving a shiny appearance to the buds. Well known among medical marijuana users, the Super Nova strain has been recommended in various cases, such as pain relief, appetite stimulator, anti-inflammation and stress relief. It has a very strong earthy and musky smell but a sweet smooth flavor that will delight your taste buds. This Chronic-White Widow hybrid is a pretty common favorite among users in search of the strongest marijuana strains.

PhenotypeIndica dominant (70%)
Height70-90 cm (2.3-2.9 feet)
Flowering Length8 to 9 weeks
Yieldup to 350 gram/m2
THC Level20 – 30 %
Starting price5 seeds for $69

Green Gelato Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

Now we’re getting into the really high THC strains! The Green Gelato is described by Royal Queen Seeds as “one their tastiest dessert strains”, its kushy taste gives off berry notes mixed with baked goods aromas. This hybrid’s effect is very strong, both cerebrally and physically. It will leave you feeling very creative but also definitely couch locked. This plant will grow rather tall and will produce big, dense buds that will leave you a big yield if properly taken care of.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid
Height80-120cm (2.6-3.9 feet)
Flowering Length8 to 9 weeks
Yield500-700 gram/m2
THC Level27%
Starting price1 seed for $16

Royal Gorilla Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

Another insanely potent, high THC level strain developed by Royal Queen Seeds, the Royal Gorilla comes from a mix of Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel. Recommended to help treat depression, pain and stress, it has an earthy taste with hints of lemon and its effects are euphoric, relaxing and long lasting. This extremely strong marijuana strain has won the Cannabis Cup two years in a row (2014 and 2015) and is a user favorite, accumulating positive reviews. 

Phenotype50/50 hybrid
Height90-160 cm (2.9-5.2 feet)
Flowering Length8 to 9 weeks
Yieldup to 500-550 gram/m2
THC Level27%
Starting price3 seeds for $32

Gorilla Cookies Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds

With a whopping 28% THC, according to Original Sensible Seeds this hybrid, made up of Do-si-dos OG / Gorilla Glue #4, is their most potent strain to date. It’s recommended for veteran smokers since it’s one of the strongest marijuana strains. Lighting up this strain will give you a strong euphoriant but calming effect, leaving you a bit couch locked. This fruity and yet spicy tasting strain will grow very tall and, if well taken care of, can bring great yields. It’s buds are beautifully dense and compact. 

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid
Heightup to 180 cm (6 feet)
Flowering Length8 to 10 weeks
Yield450/550 gram/m2
THC Level28%
Starting price1 seed for $11.85

Cookies Gelato Feminized by Royal Queen Seeds

Described by Royal Queen Seeds as a “sweet-tasting THC bomb”, Cookies Gelato is one of the strains with the most THC in the world. This strain also has citrus and baked goods notes making it super tasty. Its effects are, as expected, rather strong, giving you a cerebral, euphoric and yet relaxing high. Reported to have a very strong earthy aroma, this strain will grow to medium heights but can bring you great yields.

Phenotype50/50 hybrid
Height90-130 cm (2.9-4.2 feet)
Flowering Length8 to 10 weeks
Yield500-550 gram/m2
THC Level28%
Starting price1 seed for $14.81

I hope you found what you were looking for! If you have any questions or if there’s any super strong marijuana strain I forgot you think belongs on the list: don’t hesitate to reach out!

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