Growing Cannabis Indoors

How to grow cannabis indoors – tips and tricks

2 Bleu Thai Marijuana plants using scrog

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Indoor growing – First steps

tips on how to set up your indoor grow room

How to set up your grow room

Macro and micro nutrients needed for a healthy cannabis plant

Nutrients needed for Marijuana

Watering soil slowly with a water sprayer

How to water your plants

transplanting plant into larger pot

Transplanting Cannabis

Useful tips while growing

3 main types of cannabis strain

The different strains of Cannabis

when and why to change photoperiods during the lifecycle

What are photo-periods?

differences and importance between mobile and immobile nutrients

Mobile & immobile nutrients

Cloning, vegetation and flowering humidity levels detailed

Different humidity levels needed

Table showing Lumens levels depending on the distance from the light bulb

Impact of light intensity on the plants

Cannabis seed breaking soil - seed shell visible and cotyledons opening

How to germinate a seed

Training a cannabis plant to be used as a mother

How to clone a cannabis strain

close shot of clear, amber and milky bulbous trichomes

What are trichomes?

Soil amendments, Foliar feeding and pH levels

organic compost ready to be used to nurture the soil

Organic nutrients for Cannabis

different types of soil amendments for indoor cannabis

Soil amendments

cannabis plant freshly sprayed with nutrient rich water

Foliar feeding, When and how to use is

Graph bringing forward the levels of pH per element

Keeping pH levels in the clear

Dealing with cannabis pests

3 thrips larvae on cannabis leaf

Thrips, How to identify and kill them

Close up on spider mites adults and eggs under leaf

Spidermites, indoor grower's nightmare

adult thrips and spider mite up close

Spidermites or thrips? ID the differences

adult fungus gnat up close

Fungus Gnats.. the root eaters

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What do you need to get your indoor culture started?

Your marijuana kit must include at the following products:

  1. Soil, pots and seeds
  2. A Tent or Grow room
  3. Lights and reflectors
  4. A Balast and timers
  5. Air Filtration system and fans
  6. A Thermostat that also measures humidity levels

What nutrients to give your Cannabis plants?

In our in depth guide on how to water your plants we cover each nutrient needed and at what pH the marijuana plant can absorb them.
Here’s the main points:

The 3 main ingredients that the plants need are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK). 
Depending on the stage of her life they will need different levels of each ingredient.

  • During the vegetative stage the plants mainly need Nitrogen to grow
  • During the flowering stage your want to give her more Potassium and Phosphorus

What is the right temperatures and humidity for my Marijuana plant?

Generally you want to keep your grow room around 25°C (77°F). Now depending on sativa and indica’s, and within the strain themselves the plant may like warmer or cooler temperatures, but around that temperature you’re good.

Under 19°C (66°F) or over 30°C (80°F) for long periods of time you will start having issues so track this!

The Humidity levels change during the cycle of life, here a sum up:

StageHumidity level
Early vegetative stageAround 70%
Vegetative stageBetween 55% and 65%
StretchAround 55%
Flowering stageBetween 35% and 50%


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