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Publishing process & guidelines

Free the Tree is a place of knowledge about Cannabis.
From its botanical aspects to history, passing by cannabinoids, industrial, nutritive or medical uses, you are free to share your experiences or learning about this plant to others.

Below you can find our guidelines and the form to get in touch with our content management team:

  • Before publishing all content is be reviewed and validated by the team
  • The aim of guest posts is to share knowledge, and/or experiences, about cannabis.
  • The content written by you is attributed to you. You are able to link back to your site or a social media platform if you wish to do so.
    Your content should contain a presentation of yourself or the organisation you are a part of, not a promotion of a product or company.
  • Regular contributors have the capacity to open their own contributor account on Free the Articles will be reviewed by our team to aid in placing the content within the site tree and make sure the content follows our guidelines.
  • In-content out going links are allowed as long as they provide added value to the content, are used for sourcing or to go in-depth on a subject covered in the piece.
    Any obvious SEO link-building link will be tagged as nofollow. In case of major abuse, or non pertinent linking, the links will be removed from the content (see the blacklist)
  • If the content is an obvious product or brand promotion it will be re-categorized as a sponsored article.
  • A visible note on Guest Posts is added so that readers are aware and can learn more about the contributor.

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    Black listed websites:ย 

    The following sites have been identified by our team as untrustworthy, abusing linking or seen across too articles. All links to these sites will automatically be removed :

    • Get kush . io

    If you are the owner of one of these sites and wish to understand why you are black listed you can contact the moderators

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    Publishing process & guidelines

    • Before publishing all content is be reviewed and validated by the teamย 
    • Your content should contain a presentation of yourself or the organisation you are a part of.
    • Special bundles are available for long term content partnerships.ย 
    • By default we will attribute the pictures to the contributor of the piece.
    • Default sponsored post deals contains 1 do-follow link in the text as well as 1 do-follow link within the presentation of the author.
    • Sponsored articles will have a mention visible to users
    • Free the Tree content quality guidelines are not wavered for sponsored articles. Your content must provide an added value to our community.
    • In-article sourcing is encouraged, a high quality article is positive for all of us ๐Ÿ˜‰
    • Pricing and other details will be provided after your initial contact

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