How to transplant your marijuana plant

Basically finished with the transplantation of the plant

Welcome back! In this piece we’re going to talk about transplanting a marijuana plant. We know this is a tough step but a mandatory one if you didn’t start right away in your flowering pots. Here’s what we’re going to cover in the article:

Let’s get into what you’re really here for:

How to transplant your Marijuana plant?

  1. Get soil into your new pot
  2. Once you’ve gotten to the hight of your old pots, take one of them in order to make enough room in the soil for your plant. Using an old pot will make sure there’s juuuust enough room for her 🙂
  3.  Tap with your nails along the sides of the pot, on all 4 sides and all levels. This will get the roots loose in case they’re stuck to the pot.
  4. Turn the plant up side down and tap on the bottom of the pot. It should come pretty easily, but don’t hesitate to tap multiple times on it. If your plant really doesn’t slide, just go back to step 2.
  5. Place the roots into the space you’ve made in the new pot.
  6. Place an extra layer of soil on top of it all. This will get it all together + getting soil around the stem will increase her stability, and enable her to grow roots at that level

It’s important to note that the best time to transplant is between 2 waterings, when the soil isn’t too humid, but not all dried up either. After transplanting your plant water the new soil so that the roots invade the new area. Furthermore, expect her to show a little stress signs, after which she’ll show you love 😉 Here’s the steps accompanied with some pictures so that you can see what to expect.

Step 1: Making room in the new pot

Once you’ve filled up you’re pot up to the hight of your current pots, get a pot into the center of the current one so that you have the perfect space for your plant.

Step 2: Fill up your pot with soil

This one is pretty self explanatory, get soil all the way up to the level your plant

Step 4: Getting your plant out of the current pot

In order to get your plant out of the current pot, you’re going to want to:

  1. Tap the sides of the pot, this will allow any roots that are stuck to get unstuck
  2. Turn your pot upside down
  3. Tap on the bottom of the pot. You might need to tap on it a couple times for the soil to loosen, but you should feel it loosen little by little. Full disclosure, on this one I tapped pretty hard to get her out of the pot, hope the stress won’t be too intense
  4. Once you feel the soil in your hand, get the pot off

Step 5: Place your plant into the whole you’ve prepared

Critical+ 2.0 autoflower plant out of the old pot and going into the new

Again this one is pretty straight forward, you might need to press on it a little, bu don’t hesitate there

Step 6: Cover up the soil

Add a layer of soil on top of it all. Getting the bottom of the stem into soil will get her to produce roots at that level, making her more stable on rooted into her new home 🙂 This is especially good to do if you’ve had balance issues in the previous stages of the plants life

Step 7: Water the soil

using water sprayer to hydrate the soil

Once you’ve got your plants in your new pot and it’s back to into the grow house you want to water your plants. Now make sure you focus on the exterior part of the plant soil where there are no roots for this first watering. This will force your roots to invade the new soil quickly. You might need to make wholes on each corner of the soil in order to help the water enter the medium. Since you just transplanted you can make wholes safely in the new soil so don’t hesitate.

And there you go! Your plants got a new home ready to grow in. You may see some signs of stress during the next day or two but don’t worry, she’ll be loving it soon enough. And remember, the first few watering focus on that new soil to give incentive to conquer that area. Adding a little root booster at this time is also a plus. That’s it for this one! Hopes it could help any of you guys out. ‘Til next time, be safe and grow easy

Why to transplant your Marijuana plant?

The reason behind transplanting your plant is the following: During the vegetative stage your plant is growing her root system as well as her branches and leafs. Most of the plants growth is actually going on down there, a whole root system is being build in order to suck up all the nutrients and water the plant needs. The more your plant grows, the more her roots are going to need room. If she doesn’t have the room to grow these roots you’re going to have issues of root rot, chocking, etc, we’ll do a whole article covering that subject. For now, keep in mind that during her growth you’re going to need to transplant her. You can choose to go gradually, especially if you’re not very experienced with watering, or go straight from you’re seeding pots to the flowering one’s, but you’re going to need to transplant at least once in her life.

When to transplant your Cannabis plant

You want to transplant your plant once the roots have fully invaded the area and need new space to grow. In order to identify the good moment to do so, I find that the best way is to do the following: How often are you watering your plants? If it’s every day or two, then you’re going to need to transplant soon! Why you say? This means your plant is draining all the humidity very quickly, showing that her roots are well developed within her environment. With this technique, you might transplant a little early, but at least you won’t have any roots sticking out of the bottom of your pot, and you won’t have to deal with any root issues!

Frequently Asked Questions on Transplanting Cannabis

Should I re-pot my plant all the way or half way in the soil? 

As you can see in the pictures above the space within the new soil needs to be at least as deep as your current soil. 
You can place your plant deeper into the soil without a problem, roots will grow from the stem that’s under the soil, no problem 😉

Couple words about the grower

This article was written by Plant Lover, Free the Tree's founder and a passionate grower of Cannabis, as well as all other plants.
Mostly from the city, I work on my computer all day so about 4 years ago, on my off time, I started growing to have some more green in my life.

I never imagined I would fall in love with botany and discover so much about this plant. Since then I keep learning everyday, meeting new awesome people of our community and grow constantly

You can always get in touch with me on our Instagram!

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