How to measure the pH level of your water

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Easy steps to measure the pH of your watering solutions

You’ve probably heard that the pH level of your water in very important for you’re marijuana plant. Well where ever you heard that they were right! But you’re probably wondering how to measure the ph level of the water right? And why is it so important?

Marijuana needs many different nutrients in order to strive and those nutrients will only be absorbed within a pH range, this is why it’s so important. We’ve covered all that in our guide on pH for your marijuana plant if you want to know more, but basically keep in mind that you want a pH between 6 and 7.

Let’s get into the different ways to measure the pH level of your water! If you want more info on watering your plants check out our full guide over here In this article we’re going to cover 2 ways to measure pH level:

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Measuring pH with a pH pen

Using a pH pen is actually one of the most precise ways to do it since you can get the level to the decimal. Although you must make sure you keep the pH pen in the water for a couple minutes in order for it to adjust, and you want to stir your nutrients in the water before hand. Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  1. What is a pH pen
  2. How to use a pH pen

What is a pH pen

A pH pen is an electronic device created to measure the level of pH in a solution. More precise than pH drops or strips, it measures the levels through a sensor that is placed at the bottom of the pen and shows the levels on a small screen.

You can check out the Wikipedia page on pH meters, it covers the different advancements and types of meters that exists out there. In case the pH pen isn’t working properly, meaning that in tampon solutions it shows you pH levels that are off, you can recalibrate it by turning the small screw at the bottom of the pen. Normally a screw driver at the right size is provided.

You can buy pH pens at many different locations on the web, just do a quick Google search on the subject, or go to your local grow shop, it’ll cost you less than $20.00 and will enable you to avoid so many problems with your cannabis plants!

Picture of a Platinium pH pen
Example of a pH pen

How to use a pH pen step by step

Let’s go through testing your watering mix using a pH pen step by step:

  1. Place all the nutrient into your water.
  2. Stir or gently share your mix. Be careful not to shake it strongly, oxygenating the water will raise the pH.
  3. Place the pH tester into the water and wait a leat a minute.
  4. Once the number showing up has stabilised your know the pH level!
  5. If it’s too high add some pH down, on the contrary if it’s too low add some more water to your mix.
    (for pH down you can use lemon juice or other acidic elements)
  6. If you’ve added pH down or some water go back to step 3. Quick tip, in 2L of water 1 drop of pH down brings down the pH of about 0.1
  7. Shake it up to get oxygen into the water (the roots will love it) and get to watering!

And there you go! you know know how to measure the pH level in your watering mix. If you shake on step 2 just keep in mind that the actual pH of the water is lower than what’s showing

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Measuring pH using Test Liquid

When you measure pH levels with test liquid the results are much less precise since you’re basing yourself on the interaction of 2 liquid solutions that will show a colour depending on the pH, but it’s definitely better than nothing. Here’s what we are going to cover:

What is a pH Test Liquid kit composed of

You’re basic Test Liquid kit will be composed of the 3 elements:

  1. A 1 once test tube: You will fill it up about half way with the solution you want to test
  2. A bottle of Testing Liquid: 3 drops into the the water you want to test and the colour will tell you its pH
  3. A scale with pH levels and colours enabling you to identify the pH level

How to use a pH Test liquid kit for your Marijuana plants – Step by Step

Let’s go through testing your watering mix using a pH Test Liquid kit step by step:

  1. Add all the nutrients wanted into your watering mix.
  2. Stir or shake gently your watering mix. Don’t shake too hard for the same reason as above, oxygenating your water will artificially raise the pH level.
  3. Fill up the test tube to about half with water from your mix.
  4. Add 3 drops of pH test liquid into the test tube
  5. Shake the tube until you see that the solution is homogenous
  6. Compare the colour to the strips provided. You’re aiming for a pH between 6 and 7, really around 6.5 so you want a greenish colour to be present.
  7. If you’re in the blueish colours then you’re going to want to add some pH down, on the other hand if you’re in the yellow/reddish then some pure water will be needed to raise the levels
  8. Once you’ve added pH down or water go back to step 3 in order to see if you’re good
  9. Get to watering your plants!

And there you go! You now know how to check the pH levels using the test liquid. It’s also pretty handy when you’re not sure if your pH pen is giving you a good info or if it’s going crazy and needs to be recalibrate .

Hope this article answered all your questions on measuring pH levels before watering your marijuana plants!

Until next time, be safe and grow easy

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