How to make Cannabis Cuttings Easily

Which Branch to chose? How to prepare your cuttings?

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Today we’re going to cover one of the easiest ways to do a cutting with a Cannabis plant. Once that’s done we’ll look at how to chose the branch(es) to be prunes and transport them.
Weed, being such a resilient plant, make cuttings pretty easy to make. Newbie success rate is of about 50%, so if this is your situation prepare 2x more cuttings than what you need 😉

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

Making a Cutting from a Cannabis plant

As we started to say in the first paragraph, Marijuana is a very resilient plant so making cuttings off of her isn’t a very hard to make cuttings off of them.
We will divide in 2 main sections, the first the necessary needs for a cutting to survive and in the second different ways to achieve this; let’s get crackin

  1. What do cuttings need to survive
  2. Ways of making cuttings

Step 1 – Prepare everything you will need

View of all tools needed to do a cutting

Once you’ve cut the branch off you’ll have to act quickly, so it’s definitely a good thing to have everything prepared before you get started. Lets go over what you need

 What is needed in order to make a cutting easily

  • A pair of sterilized scissors
  • At least 1.5L of water at a pH level of 5.8
  • A block of rockwool per cutting
  • Mud Soil Water Beads (or other water beads)
  • A pot
  • A half a bottle or clear container in order to place it over the cutting (needs 100% humidity levels)
  • A glass of water

Step 2 – Prepare the pot

  1. Fill the pot a little over half-way with your water beads
  2. Place the rock-wool in the center of the pot
  3. Add more water beads until they reach the top of the rock-wool.
  4. Rinse out the rock-wool and water beads with the pH’d water (target 5.8)

Step 3 – Cut the branch

scissors used to remove the branch from the tree

This is pretty self-explanatory, you’re going to want to cut the branch in order to place it into the rock-wool.
There are some things you must be careful for thought!

  • Sanitize your scissors or other cutting tool. You want to limit as much as possible the possible contact with germs.
  • Cut the branch at about a 45° angle and close to the main stem.

Step 4 – Place the Stem in water

Freshly cut stem placed in water

Once you cut the branch you need to place them quickly the glass of water you’ve prepared!

The reason for this is to avoid an air bubble to enter into the stem. If one was to introduce itself into the stem, the cutting will die for sure! (just like if an air bubble gets into our veins)

This step is crucial for your cutting to survive.

Step 5 – Placing the Stem in the Rockwool & Removing Leaf Mass

Once you’ve cut your cutting place it into the whole in the middle of the rock-wool.
Don’t hesitate to push don’t strongly to get it stuck in there nicely.

At this point you also want to remove most of the leaves in order to reduce the possibility of her sweating. Just keep a couple leaves so that she can photosynthesis.

Step 6 – Make sure there’s 100% Humidity

Bottle of water cut in half in order to guarantee 100% Humidity

Until the cutting start developing some roots you need to keep her in an environment with 100% of humidity.

The DIY way of insuring this is to cut a water bottle in half, spray water all over the inside. Once there’s enough water all over the sides, place it over the cutting and there you go!

Step 7 – Cutting Ready for the Grow Room

Cutting ready to be place under the light

At this point you’re cutting is ready to go into the grow room, but it’s not the end of your work!

For the next couple days you need to make sure she stays in an 100% humidity environment, so you’ll have to spray the water bottle regularly.
Make sure you don’t slack off on this, if ever she starts to sweat it’s basically a done deal.

You’ll also need to water the rock-wool and water beads regularly with water at a 5.8 pH.
Once you see some small hair at the bottom of the stem you can start adding some root booster.

Cutting Developing in the Grow Room

Cutting growing its roots in the grow room

For the next week, maybe a little more, keep your plant in the tent and in these conditions. Once she starts taking, you can start reducing the humidity levels down to around 70%.

Transplant her into the first pot once she has a nice root system that’s grown in the block of rock-wool.
And there you go! You’ll have one nice new plant with the exact same genetics ready to grow 🙂

Which Branches to Prune to make your clones?

You might think that it doesn’t really matter which auxiliary branch you decide to prune in order to make your cuttings but it really does.
The branches lowest to the ground contain the newest hormones but also most rooting hormones. These 2 factors will strongly increase the chances of success of the cloning operation.

Cloning is one of the most traumatic things that a plant can live. In order to survive they must quickly adapt, change their whole chemistry in order to start producing roots and survive. The newer the hormones, the better chances of success.

It’s also important to note that smaller cuttings root much quicker than thinker one’s since they need much less energy to sustain themselves and focus on root growth.

Recap :

  • Make your cuttings from the bottom branches
  • The larger the cutting, the longer it will take for it to develop a root system.
Newer branches with newer hormones are easier to clone than ones near the Apex of the plant

The Bottom branches contain the newest hormones

How To Transport Cuttings

Transporting freshly cut cuttings is actually pretty simple once you know how to do so, although you need to be pretty quick, the longer the trip the more chances the cuttings won’t survive.
In order for you to maximize your chances we’ve grouped these couple steps together 🙂

1. Prepare your materials

Jar in order to transport cuttings

So the materials for this are pretty simple, all you need is:

  • A pair of scissors in order to remove the branche(s).
    Don’t forget to disinfect the scissors before using them in order to prevent bacteria transmission.
  • An air-tight jar. Fill this jar about half way in water.

With this you’re ready to get your cuttings to go!

2. Placing the cuttings in Water

2 Blue Kush cuttings in the jar

As soon as you cut the branches off the main stem you want to place them in water. As we said in step 2 of cutting making, it’s crucial that you do this quickly so that no air bubble places itself into vein.

3. Closing the Jar and Transport

jar closed maintaining 100% humidity

Once your branches are in the water, close the jar and place them in a dark environment.
Once this is done you’re good to go!
The quicker you’ll get them into the block of rock-wool the greater the chances of success.

Alright folks that’s all for this one!
Until next time, be safe and grow easy

Couple words about the grower

This article was written by Plant Lover, Free the Tree's founder and a passionate grower of Cannabis, as well as all other plants.
Mostly from the city, I work on my computer all day so about 4 years ago, on my off time, I started growing to have some more green in my life.

I never imagined I would fall in love with botany and discover so much about this plant. Since then I keep learning everyday, meeting new awesome people of our community and grow constantly

You can always get in touch with me on our Instagram!

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