Cannabis – A plant like no other

 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cannabis

Humanity has been evolving with cannabis for over 14,000 years. From its nutritional values to its industrial usages, passing by medical applications and the famous “peace pipe”, it’s importance within our heritage is undeniable.

We believe that the first step to bringing back cannabis to its rightful place is education. Education on the cannabis plant itself, its history and known usages. 
For the past 70 years we have been implicitly taught that “hemp”, “marijuana” and now “medical cannabis” are different plants when in fact they’re all different strains of Cannabis.

This page will be in constant evolution as we will always be adding to the knowledge base. And if you have knowledge you want to share don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cannabis Knowledge Base – Table of Content

Cannabis – Botanical knowledge

  • The lifecycle of cannabis
  • Growing Cannabis Indoors
  • Nutrients & deficiencies
  • Grow reports

Cannabis – History of cannabis

  • Humans and Cannabis – A 14,000 year old relationship

Medical Marijuana

Research ongoing, coming soon

Industrial applications of Cannabis

Research ongoing, coming soon

Growing Cannabis – Botanical tips & knowledge

The Life cycle of Cannabis – From seed germination to harvesting the buds

Follow the development of any plant is generally exiting, cannabis is definitely not an exception to that rule. Within a couple months you can go from a little taproot breaking the shell to a plant full of flowers, couple feet tall and full of terpenes and cannabinoids.
We’ve gathered this growth in a series of 4 articles that cover each cycle, couple tips along the way too!

Cannabis Plant – Some things you should probably know

Whether it’s the different marijuana “families”, the ways weed responds to light cycle (aka photo-periods), germinating a seed or dealing with trichomes, we’ve grouped together some articles that go over things that will help you out during your grows 

size and bushiness of Sativa, indica and ruderalis strains

The different strains of Cannabis

Night time vs day time hours

What are photo-periods ?

Organic Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus nutrient mixes

Mobile & immobile nutrients

Diagram showing the relative humidity at each stage of Marijuana's life

Different humidity levels needed

Table showing Lumens levels depending on the distance from the light bulb

Impact of light intensity on the plants

Image of a plant that just broke ground

How to germinate a seed

critical+ cuttings in a box to keep humidity

How to clone a cannabis strain

milky and amber trichomes, most strains are good to harvest now

What are trichomes?

Indoor Growing – The basics

Just starting off with your plantation? Here’s 4 articles that cover some basic things that you need to know while starting off 

grow room with ventilation and lighting ready to start growing

How to set up your grow room

The 12 main nutrients necessary for marijuana and their pH level availability

Nutrients needed for Marijuana

using water sprayer to hydrate the soil

How to water your plants


Roots of marijuana overgrown, late transplant in this case

Transplanting Cannabis

Indoor grower, nutrient provider

As an indoor grower you’re trying to reproduce outdoor conditions for your plant to develop in optimal conditions. “In the wild”, the soil is replenished naturally, whether by decaying organic matter, fungi, rainfall, our ecosystem basically. Here, your baby is in a pot without natural nutrient replenishment so there’s some knowledge to be acquired in regards to feeding and taking care of your soil.

One way is by constantly adding nutrients for the plant to absorb, the other is by creating a living, healthy and sustainable soil.
For the moment we’ve mostly have been doing the first option but are learning and implementing the second as it’s much more sustainable long term. Added bonus?  living healthy soil protects you from nasty invading pests 😉 Here’s what we’ve learned so far on the subject

All the different organic nutrients available to grow marijuana

Organic nutrients for Cannabis

Soil amendments

Marijuana bud sprayed with nutrient rich solution

Foliar feeding, When and how to use is

Graph bringing forward the levels of pH per element

Keeping pH levels in the clear

Marijuana Deficiencies – Identifying and solving nutrient deficiencies

This is something that any and all growers know all too well, nutrient deficiencies.. Whether it’s nitrogen during the stretch or end of flowering, placing the light too close and burning the fan leaves, we’ve all made some mistakes. Hopefully these little guides will help you avoid some

SOG, SCROG, One Bud… say whaaat !?

Hearing or reading about all these fancy “SOG” (Sea of Green), “SCroG” (Screen of Green), “One bud” terms and wondering what it all means? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 
These are all different ways to grow your plant in order to reach a specific goal; For instance with a Scrog, you’re probably trying to increase production of one plant whereas a SOG will be aiming at having many, many plant, producing “one bud” each. Starting to get a bit clearer? 
We’ve gone in depth into each of these growing techniques below, dig in! 😉

Cannabis Pests.. headaches we hope you don’t have

Pests are probably one of the most annoying problems you can get, and depending on which one they can be fully destroy a crop, so keep your eyes open!
3 basic rules, keep your area clean, inspect regularly your plants and make sure you clean anything coming from outside… 

small white spots on leaves

Thrips, How to identify and kill them


Spidermites, indoor grower's nightmare

close up on spider mites and thrips on marijuana

Spidermites or thrips? ID the differences

Adult fungus gnat on a ruler

Fungus Gnats.. the root eater

Cannabis Indoor – Guides and Grow reports

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Grow Report

Nice trimmed buds after the harvest

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Review

Focus on the best Fruit strain weed of the 6

Blue Thai Review

Blue Thai during the late flowering stage

Big Buddha Cheese Guide

Big Buddha cheese scrog well in the vegetative stage

Big Buddha Cheese Grow Report

Big Buddha Cheese vegetative stage

Laughing Buddha Grow Report

4 main branches in a diamond formation

Humans and Cannabis – A 14,000 year long relationship

The oldest signs of the use of cannabis by humans was in the form of string and dates back to 12,000 years Before Christ in eastern Asia.
Since then, mainly through trade, use and culture of this plant has spread in the four corners of the world.

From viking sails to Mona Lisa’s canvas, passing by the parachutes in WorldWar II to the famous “peace pipes” of Indigenous Americans, uses of cannabis are wide spread and an undeniable part of our history and cultures.

For the past 70 years we have been implicitly tough that Hemp, Recreational Marijuana and Medical Cannabis are different plants where, in fact, they are just different strains of a plant that we have trained to suit our different needs.

map of the world showing the spread of marijuana from 10,000BC to the New World

Medical Cannabis – What illness’s can be treated ?

Medical virtues of Cannabis have been known since, at least, 2400 BC in traditional Chinese medicine literature. Since then, the use of cannabis as a medicine has spread across the world for a wide range of illness’s, going from insomnia to depression passing by troubles eating 
Medical cannabis was present in most pharmacies and culturally accepted.

It wasn’t until the the middle of the 20th century and the campaigns against recreational cannabis that its use dropped drastically and was replaced by chemical compounds.

Today rediscovering, and discovering, many illness’s that are treated very effectively with cannabis, when the right strain is used.

Research still ongoing this section is coming soon. If you want to contribute don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Industrial uses of Cannabis – Sails, clothing, fuel and and more

Research still ongoing this section is coming soon. If you want to contribute don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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