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Everything you need to know about this strain of Marijuana

Hi there and welcome back on Free the Tree! Looking to start growing a Big Buddha Cheese plant? Welcome to our Big Buddha Cheese grow guide 🙂 It’s composed of our very own experience with the BBC strain, a beautiful one indeed.
Our growing guide on BBC is going to cover everything you need to know about this Marijuana strain. From its characteristics to lifecycle, passing by the high and taste you will get from its sweat sweat buds.

We decided to do this guide for 2 reasons:

The first is that we personally grew this strain, and it can be kind of difficult to get info on this strain (just look at its wiki page), so we figured that it would be cool to share our experience with you guys, if it can answers just one person’s questions then it would have been worth it.

The second is that it’s a little personal for me since it was my first. We got her as a cutting, so we didn’t need to go through the germination stage.
We were also supposed to get 4 of them, but 3 of them didn’t grow any roots. In order to make up for it, and utilise the whole grow space we decided to go for a Screen Of Green, 2 first in one go! (what’s a Screen of Green aka ScrOG? Check out our guide)

Since it was my first, don’t expect those huge massive buds that seem to be the size of your head (although…. the got pretty long) [if you just though “that’s what she said”, so did I just after reading over it hehe]).

We did a whole bunch of errors along the way and learned a lot. The cost of those lessons was that she didn’t live to her full potential, but she still tasted awesome! and the high…. So nice
We will definitely go for a round 2 with her once I can get some other cuttings.

Enough rambling, let’s get to business and what you’re here for, the Big Buddha Cheese Indoor Growing Guide!

History of the Big Buddha Cheese strain

The Origin and Lineage of Big Buddha Cheese

Big Buddha Cheese (BBC) is a indica-dominant hybrid between a Cheese strain and an Afghani pure-bread marijuana plant.
The Cheese mother is believed to have originated in 1988-89 as one unique female phenotype out of Sensi Seeds seeds somewhere in the Chiltern Hills outside of London.
This plant gave out some massive buds and smelled very strongly with a cheese smell. Very quickly it was cloned and dubbed cheese due to its smell.

Throughout the years this Cheese strain grew in notoriety because of its nice aroma and smell (more on all that in the characteristics section) . With these qualities clones were was passed on to multiple grower groups inside the UK.
One day,  one of the clones met with a grower named Big Buddha. He realised the potential this new strain of cannabis had, and set himself a goal of finding a father for her.

He found this in an exclusive landrace of the Mazari Sherif region of Afghanistan and crossed it with the cheese for over 2 years!
This resulted in a beautiful strain of marijuana that takes between 8 and 10 weeks to flower, with a higher yield compared to its mother Cheese, while maintaining her flavour and taste.

And thus Big Buddha Cheese was born! Big Buddha after her creator, and Cheese after her mother.

Big Buddha Cheese Strain Information

The Origin and Lineage of Big Buddha Cheese

Looking to grow your own BBC? Or even just looking for info on it? Here’s a table you’re going to want to remember! We’ve tried to gather all the characteristics we could find in one place for you

CharacteristicBig Buddha Cheese
Indica/Sativa60% Sativa – 40% Indica
LineageCross between a Cheese and an Afghani strain
Flowering period49 to 63 days – Know to be a quick grower
Indoor vs Outdoor growingPerfect for both
Outdoor Harvest timeLate October
Types of growingOk with SOG, BBC is still better as a multi-branch plant with nice big buds (perfect for a ScrOG)
Taste & AromaSpicy, Sweet and Kush-like; Highly pungent.
Just beautiful, this is the main strong point of this strain.
SmellRange from dank to sweet. You will also smell strong fruit, spices and notes of incense.
Effects of the High

This weed will get you in different highs depending on how much of it you smoke. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Very upper/Happy High
  • Known for its potency.
  • Can be consumed every day with little or no immunity to the high
  • Good for recreational and medicinal use
  • Relaxation high
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifting

In small amounts: Nice upper high giving you a relaxed physical and mental high.
Larger amounts: Elevates the mental states, possibly reducing the levels of relaxation, but good to chill with your friends.

Possible Negative Effects

Here nothing really unusual for marijuana, meaning:

  • Cotton mouth (dry mouth)
  • Munchies (hungry)
  • Some cases of headaches after smoking way too much
Smell during floweringThis one will smell up your house or apartment even if you have an air filter. You’ll need to go to your local grow shop to get something to cover the smell up.
Optimal MediumDirt based, hydroponic, indoor or outdoors.
This plant will grow anywhere as long as you take care of her!
Grower DifficultyThis strain is fairly easy to grow overall with good resistance to most newbie errors making it perfect to learn.
Feeding cycleShe needs regular nutrient feedings for her to maintain a healthy growing cycle.
ClonabilityAlthough in our experience most the cuttings did not take, the cuttings of this strain in know to root easily.
Expected Yield at Harvest

Average/High, although it is important to note:

This varies very much depending on how you take care of your plant.
Everything during the lifecycle of the plant can impact this, from the pH to the light spectrum, passing by the structure of the plant.

Once you’ve understood what nutrient levels she needs, and how to stress her in the right way she can produce large amounts of buds..

Medical Purposes

Ideal strain to deal with:

  • nausea
  • anxiety.

Good strain to deal with:

  • Back pain
  • Muscle relaxation issues

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Is Big Buddha Cheese a Sativa or an Indica strain?

The short answer is both. BBC is a hybrid, ranging between 50/50 Indica-Sativa to 60/40 Indica dominance.
Her indica side comes from her Cheese mother and her Sativa side comes from her Afghani pure-bread father, making this weed a perfect mix.

Check out our characteristics above to see what to expect when you’re going to smoke a BBC joint

Is Big Buddha Cheese easy to grow indoor?

The short answer is Yes. Its Afghani genetics added toughness allowing Big Buddha Cheese (BBC for short) to thrives in different environments and sudden changes in that environment. Coupled with a good resistants to nutrient deficiencies and a manageable height this makes it an ideal strain for beginner growers as well as well seasoned one’s.

What nutrients for Big Buddha Cheese

We’re currently gathering all our notes to bring you this part of the article so check back in a couple days.

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