Blue Thai Marijuana Strain Review

Hey guys! Today we decided to cover the Blue Thai Marijuana Strain.
I personally really enjoy this strain, we’ve already grown 2 plants last year and as we speak (or write I should say) we just planted the germinated seedlings into the soil of another, but you can check all that out in our grow journal 😉
Here we’re going to cover everything there is to know about this beautiful strain of Cannabis.

Night view of blue thai flowers

What is Blue Thai Marijuana

Blue Thai is a strain of cannabis engineered by in the Netherlands by the Dinafem Seed bank strain. It was designed to grow indoor as well as outdoors, to resist to mold issues. When smoking it you will be able to enjoy tasty mix of sweat fruit and spices.
This strain is really a pleasure, whether it is while growing it or consuming her.

Dinafem’s Official presentation of the Blue Thai Cannabis Strain

Origin and History of the Blue Thai Strain

So where does this Blue Thai strain of cannabis come from? We’re all aware that it didn’t just pop out of nowhere.

As it names hints this strain is a cross between Blueberry and a Thai Skunk plant. This cross gave a beautifully smelling plant, that will turn blue during the end of the flowering stage if you have a difference of at least 10°C between the day and night.

Characteristics of Blue Thai Auto-flowering Marijuana seeds

Hesitating if you want to get a blue thai plant going? You’ve looked left and right to make your mind but can’t figure it out? Or you might just want to know more about her, in any case check out this chart.
We’ve grouped together all the characteristics of this cannabis strain that we’ve observed and read about, hopefully this will help you out

Blue ThaiCharateristics
Growing locationSuitable for Indoor and Outdoor cultures
SexFeminized  seeds
Seed BankDinafem
Genotype dominanceIndica/Sativa Hybrid – Sativa Dominant
Strain LineageBlueberry crossed with Thai Skunk
Length of Indoor Flowering StageAbout 60 days (8/9 weeks)
Outdoor harvest timeEarly October
Indoor yield600g/m² – Of course it will depend on the conditions she’s in.
Outdoor yieldUp to 800g/plant
Plant HeightTall
THC level13% to 16% – High
CBD levelLow
Grower difficulty Adapted for new growers.
Personally this was our second grow and it went beautifully
Clonability Yes – You can easily create cuttings from this plant.
Climat resistance Strong – Within our grow room we can have strong temperature and humidity shifts.
She never showed stresses linked to this.
Climat preferenceDry and temperate for outdoor cultrures
Potency of odourStarting at the second half of the vegetative stage, She SMELLS!
Even with a carbon filter you might need to have something in your room to cover up the smell.
 Bud Location Apex and strong lateral branch bud production.
Few pop corn buds
 Effects and high
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxing
  • Uplifts mood (happy feeling)
  • A little talkative
  • Small creativity increase
 Medical Uses
  • Reduces nausea symptoms
  • Lower Stress levels
  • Calm Depression
  • Reduce Insomnia
  • Light pain reliever
Blue Thai Taste and flavors
  •  Fruity (Blueberry)
  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Herbal
  • Hint of spices
 Negative aspectsThe main negative point, as many marijuana strain, is cotton mouth.
The other one is that she just smells sooooo strong, you’ll smell her in a room through the bag. So horrible ;p

Blue Thai Review

We really enjoyed growing the two little one of this strain, so much so that we’re launching a second round within our current batch.
Whether it was growing, smelling or smoking it this bud was awesome.

Here’s the main Blue Thai review points we saw on the web, as well as our personal feedback:

  • Easy to grow: Resistant to most common errors, ranging from nutrient issues to mold, this strain is very forgiving making it optimal for new growers.
  • Very SCROGable:  This is a personal + since we love scrogging, it really saves energy in maintenance and increases the render per plant, a perfect match for us.
  • Well balanced Hybrid: Reviews on leafy give a feedback of a perfectly balanced 50/50 Indica/Sativa balance. On the other hand, an experienced rollitup grower considered it as an Indica strain.
    Personally we found that it was hinting towards the Sativa side, although this does depend on the moment you harvest, and we favour a stronger THC potency over CBD, we’re not aiming for a “stuck on the couch” high.
    I guess with all these different points of views it really shows that it’s a well centered hybrid.
  • Great for Nerve pains: We saw this review on, the feedback was that it was great for muscle pains as well as a relaxer.
  • Seeds germinate fast: Now we’ve seen this feedback everywhere and also observed; just 2 days after placing the seed into the paper towel we had a taproot of about an inch long, never had seen anything like it before.
    Want to get your plant going fast? This baby is for you

Personally, and as we said in the introduction of this piece, we really enjoyed this plant. She grew beautifully during the vegetative stage, had an awesome smell during the flowering one and was awesome to smoke.
Friends characterized it as “grow shop weed”, some that had been to Amsterdam compared it in quality, so really don’t hesitate on this one!

Here’s a couple pictures of our own so you can check them out, as always you can click on the image in order to see it in full screen.

2 Blue Thai Cannabis plants about 3 weeks old

Blue Thai during the Vegetative Stage

2nd day after installing the screen, branches are passing over it

Just placed the screen for a SCROG

10 flowering buds on a scrog

Blue Thai in the Flowering Stage

global picture during the flowering stage; signs of nitrogen deficiency

Night view of the flowers

Blue Thai during the late flowering stage

Focus on a Blue Thai Strain bud

Blue Thai Harvest – Harvested too early they could have been fatter
(Smallest Bud to the left is 2x the size of a pack of cigarettes)

Is Blue Thai Cannabis easy to grow?

Using our personal experience as a measurement and what we’ve read around yes, definitely! Whether it’s on the nutrient level or environment wise this strain is very forgiving.
Our room temperatures would have day/night temperature ranges of over 15°C and she didn’t really show any signs of could or heat stresses.
On the nutrient side we just gave her a little NP and root booster during the vegetative stage and PK during the flowering stage and it all went fine.

Blue Thai, a Sativa or Indica plant?

The short answer is both and neither; As we’ve covered in our characteristics table BT is a pretty even hybrid, meaning that you will find traits of both Sativa and Indica marijuana plants.
You can also impact the balance looking at the trichomes at the end of the flowering stage, if you cut while they’re all milky then you will see more sativa effects, on the other hand if you want until they start browning her indica side will be more prominant

Does Blue Thai grow indoor?

Yes with no problem! This strain was created in order to grow indoor and outdoor with no problem.
All the blogs, grow reports, feedbacks and forums that we’ve been on had a positive reviews done by indoor growers.

Personally it was our second grow ever and we really had fun with them, they resist pretty well no environment and nutrient errors which was definitely a plus for our newbie selves

Does Blue Thai Auto grow outdoor?

Yes again! As we said on the previous point this strain was created in order to grow indoors as well as outdoors.
The important point is to keep in mind that the harvest time is around October so you want to get your seedlings into the soil at the latest in April.

A little reminder, if in October you get temperature differences of over 10°C you will be able to enjoy her beautiful blue Flowering stage colors. On our end it was summer time so we weren’t able to enjoy this, but we just got other one’s in the grow room so we should be able to see it this time around! 😀

Can you do a SCROG with Blue Thai

Yes you can do a Screen Of Green with no problem! Is you watched the presentation video you can see that she grows multiple lateral branches that produce large buds.
We personally did a mini scrog with these last year, and apart from breaking the Apex (big oups) it went great on the scrogging aspect of things.

During the flowering stage we had about 8 flowers per plants, here’s a couple pictures of her different stages

Stretch on the SCROG screen

Stem and branches weaving on the screen

8 BT buds flowering

Cannabis plant flowering

Is Blue Thai adapted for One Bud?

The short answer is not really, I mean it would be a little of a waste to do so. As we said in the previous point, this strain of cannabis grows many lateral branches that can produce some big fat buds.
Removing all the side branches reduces your harvest potential of your grow, so of course you could One Bud this strain but it’s not the most ideal one to do so.

Can you do a Sea Of Green (SOG) with Blue Thai

Since a Sea Of Green is generally based on One Budding plants, our suggestion is that it’s not the greatest thing to plan.
Here’s why we don’t think it’s the best to do so:

  • As we said, this plant naturally grows large lateral buds.
  • You’ll be placing more energy taking care of more plants for a possible lower render per plant in comparison.

Now we’re not saying you can’t do so, just that it may not be the most optimal strain to do so.

What is a SOG, Scrog or One Bud? Check out our guide

Price of Blue Thai seeds at Dinafem’s Seed Bank

Number of seedsPrice
1 Seed11.85 USD
3 Seeds28.45 USD
5 Seeds46.23 USD
10 Seeds92.45 USD

In order to buy them you can go straight to the source, on Dinafem’s site, here’s the page.
As you can see from the chart above they have different price ranges, depending on how many you get at a time.

They’ll also do promotions from time to time with 2 for 1 offers, and generally they’ll always give you a free seed (I think as long as you order 7 bucks worth)

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