Critical+ 2.0 Auto-flowering Review

In-depth review of the strains seeds and plants

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The Critical 2.0 AutoFlowering strain of Marijuana is Dinafem’s cross between the infamous Critical+ and the Critical+ Auto-flowering strains. This resulted in a hybrid strain of cannabis with an indica dominance. Rigorous, pretty easy to grow and with a short but productive flowering cycle this seems like a nice little plant to grow indoors, whether you’re a beginner or advanced grower.

Origin and History of Critical+ 2.0 Auto-flowering Strain of Marijuana

As we started saying in the introduction of this pice, C+ 2.0 Auto is a cross between the Dinafem Seeds’s Critical+ and the Critical+ Auto-flowering strains of weed which resulted in an hybrid, indica dominance, cannabis strain of good quality (on paper, we’ll let you know what we personally think once that time has come).

This version is the improve strain of its ancestor Critical+ Autoflo, Dinafem’s effort concentrated in improving the yield, resistance to external factors (environment, nutrient deficiencies, ..) and height control. These efforts seem to have shown their fruits since, personally, these are the most resistant plants in the bunch.

Official presentation of Dinafem’s Critical+ 2.0 Auto Seeds

Dinafem generally presents their plants through video and they didn’t miss out for this strain either. Here’s the 3 presentation video’s

Characteristics of Critical+ 2.0 Auto-flowering Marijuana seeds

Here’s a quick table sum up of this strains Characteristics

GROWING LOCATIONIndoors and outdoors – As long as the temperature stays above 16°C
SEXFeminized autoflowering
CROSSCritical+ Auto  x  Critical+
INDOOR YIELD50-250 g/plant
OUTDOOR YIELD100-300 g/plant
GROWER DIFFICULTYEasy to grow with resistance to environment changes as well as nutrient deficiencies, good for all levels
CLONABILITYBeing an Auto-Flowering plant the window for this is very short. Not recommanded
TASTE AND AROMADeep flavour and aroma with hits of lemon.
  • Powerfull
  • Long lasting
  • Relaxing
  • Perfect to unwind
CLIMAT RESISTANCEResists well to climate change keeping yields high – Perfect for new growers.
POTENCY OF ODOURDuring the flowering stage this plant smells very strong, we recommend the use of a air filter as well as cover-ups.
BUD LOCATIONMainly on the Apex, although its side ramifications can also produce large buds when well stressed
PLANT SIZEThis is an aspect Dinafem worked on. Compared to Critical+, Critical+ 2.0 Auto-flowering will grow short and bushy, enabling its culture in small indoor or outdoor spaces.

Is Critical+ 2.0 Auto Flowering easy to grow?

In short yes! Dinafem Seeds increased the resistance to heat and nutrient deficiencies, as well as the previous issues with height control, making Critical+ 2.0 Auto-Flowering Seeds a perfect strain to start with if you’re an newbie at indoor growing!

For more advanced growers this strain can also be fun, with the right amounts of stress you’ll be able to grow small, compact but massive plants in a short period in time thanks to its short lifecycle, making this plant a perfect strain to keep around in your arsenal!
You’ll be able to increase your yearly yields nicely.

Does Critical+ 2.0 Auto grow indoor?

With no problem at all! It’s actually more of an indoor strain of cannabis than an outdoor one, although it will strive outdoors also.
Thanks to the improvements made, this strain will resist and grow nice buds in any environment, making it a perfect strain if you have heat issues within your grow room.

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Does Critical+ 2.0 Auto grow outdoor?

If you’re an outdoor grower this plant can be grown year round as long as the outdoor temperatures are globally above 16°C. Dinafem advances that this strain will strive even it the harshest weather, but I double that a sprout of this plant will grow in temperatures below 15°C; and even if they do, so much energy will be spent on survival that the buds won’t be all that.

Price of Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering seeds

Prices are always changing, and that’s one of the reasons why we created a tool that allows you to compare them easily.

You can go strain to the product page linked to see the current prices of Critical+ 2.0 autoflowering seeds

Critical 2.0 Autoflowering review

We’re still currently growing this strain so this section will evolve with time but here’s what we’ve got so far

  • Resists well to environment changes: In our grow room we’re constantly fighting heat issues and between the Critical 2.0 and the Fruit strain this one show much less signs of heat stressing.
  • Good resistance to nutrient deficiency: All our fruit plants have had nutrient issues, whether its nitrogen deficiency or nutrient burn.
    The Critical has been very stable on that aspect.
  • Low resistance to light burn: She showed some pretty severe issues with light burn, even when the light isn’t that close (I aways keep it at least 20cm away when using the 400W lighting)
  • Quick to flower: In less than 3 weeks she had started stretching. Mainly due to errors on our side though. We’ve covered that subject fully in our auto flowering guide if you want to know more.
  • Manageable height: As long as the plant has space the stretch isn’t too strong, making the overall height of the plant pretty small which is perfect for indoor growers

Check out our grow journal below to see the differences between her and our Fruit auto plants

pistils starting to rippen
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Alright folks that’s it for this one

As a final though, this strain was a real pleasure to grow.
The one big lesson is that autoflowering strains should quickly be put into their final pot in order to avoid early flowering

Until next time,
Be safe and grow easy

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