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Best regulars cannabis strains to grow

Hey grow fam and fellow beginner growers,

Before we get into 2022’s top 10 regular cannabis strains, let’s look at why some people prefer to use them.

There are multiple reasons why some growers choose to grow regular cannabis strains. First of all it’s strains with genetics that haven’t been tweaked, some people like to know their stuff is natural! There’s also the fact that regular strains are better to grow a strong, viable mother plant. They tend to produce more robust and vigorous cuttings that are ideal to make healthy clones. If you want to start you own genetics and produce seeds then you’re definitely going to want to use regular strains so you have both male and female plants. Once the male plant pollinates the female one, the later will focus all its energy on seed production.

With all that said keep in mind that regular strains tend to require more maintenance and thus be recommended to more experimented growers. Alright now let’s get into it: you want to grow regular cannabis strains but dont want to spend too much time comparing all the strains out there? No fear we’ve got you, we put together a list of some of 2022’s top regular cannabis strains that we put together after reading various product updates from seedbanks and shops, news articles and customer reviews on multiple sites. I want to specify that this list is not a partnership with any of the seed banks mentioned below.

Before we start it’s important to point out that some strains have greatly evolved over the years and despite having the same name, depending on which seed bank you buy it from, characteristics may vary greatly.

Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds

Article after article you’ll often find Jack Herer in the best regular cannabis strains list and that’s cuz it’s one the most tried and tested favorite strains. We found hundreds of recent, satisfied customer reviews across various sites that often reference how great it is if you want to create mother plants.

This strain is named after the legendary cannabis rights activist Jack Herer who has fought to decriminalize and legalize cannabis for decades. 

Jack Herer Regular is a hybrid, with 50% sativa and 50% indica genes.The attributes of one or the other dominate depending on the phenotype, allowing growers to select mother plants according to their preference. This strain will strive in particularly warm and sunny climates. It is recommended for more experienced growers as yield can vary greatly depending on how you take care of it.

With average prices around 16$ /seed this strain is rather expensive so don’t hesitate to use Free the Tree’s strain comparator tool below to compare prices between all the different vendors that sell Jack Herer. To do so just click on the picture below 👇

PhenotypeSativa / Indica hybrid
Flowering Length10 – 12 weeks
THC Level>20%
Starting price5 seeds for $38.59

Amnesia Haze by Marijuana Seeds NL

Amnesia Haze is probably one of the most well-known cannabis strains out there. It’s an all-time favorite of many growers: alone and  to breed amazing genetics. 

Amnesia Haze Regular was originally created crossing one of the new Haze hybrid strains of the time with an original Haze male plant. It is 70% sativa and 30% indica. Amnesia Haze produces high levels of THC and is a great yielder. 

If well taken care of, this strain will produce extremely tall plants and give great yields. Given the strain’s Haze genetics, the aroma is very hazy but also has some citrusy, and nutty smells too. The earthy flavours and heavenly citrusy notes are a delight to the senses, giving off a full lemon vibe.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Height5.9 – 7.2 (180 – 220 cm)
Flowering Length12 – 14 weeks
THC Level22%
Starting price10 seeds for $31.10

Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds

Northern Lights is probably one of the most famous strains out there and numerous seed banks have developed their version of it. Prices vary greatly for this strain depending on which seed bank and vendor you get it from so we encourage you to check that out by clicking on the strain’s image below. We couldn’t find reviews for all of the seed banks so while I’m sure they’re great too, I want to specify that this review is about Sensi Seed’s Northern Lights regular seeds.

This strain has won so many awards it’s ridiculous. Definitely recommended for beginner growers, it’s easy to grow indoors and outdoors. It’s a perfect combination of fast flowering and big yielding so if you’re looking for a quick plant turnover Northern Lights is the strain for you.

If you’re growing outdoors this plant needs a lot of sun and warmth so it’s better if you’re in a place where the summers are long and hot. It has a deep earthy taste, some people also report notes of honey, and a strong body and mind calming effect.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid
Height80 – 200 cm
(2.6 – 6.5 feet)
Flowering Length6 – 7 weeks
Yield500 grams/m2
THC LevelN/A
Starting price10 seeds for $125.62

Hindu Kush by Sensi Seeds

Hindu Kush seeds get their name from the region where this strain is from : the Hindu Kush mountains. They are located between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and have long been a home to cannabis traditions.

This strain has been around for a long time and is praised for its stability and consistency. It’s often recommend for beginner growers because it is very resistant to temperature changes and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

I found very few negative reviews for this strain and a lot of positive ones across multiple sites. Most people report having on average 50% or more females and are very happy with how the grow turned out.

In terms of flavor and effects, Hindu Kush is a personal favorite. I find it has a very strong earthy taste but manages to still have sweet notes. It has a very relaxing, soothing effect that will put you in a really chill vibe, don’t smoke this if you have a busy day ahead. I definitely recommend it for insomnia. 

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid
HeightCompact plant
Flowering Length7 weeks
THC LevelN/A
Starting price10 seeds for $28

Blueberry by Crop King Seeds

Blueberry is also an award winner, classic of the Cannabis Cup, it’s recommend for growers that want a mother plant. This strain is not difficult to grow, but it’s not easy either. It requires a lot of maintenance and is rather picky so you have to be careful with with what nutrients you use.

However if you manage to pull it off, you won’t be disappointed by the results! It can give a good yield of large, resinous, purple-ish, beautiful buds that have a real blueberry taste. Its effects are rather relaxing and stress-relieving but this strain won’t leave you couch-locked.

On the Crop King Seeds website I found dozens and dozens of positive reviews for Blueberry regular seeds. Many users praise how effortlessly the seeds germinated and how fast and healthy they grew. I didn’t find that many negative reviews so I don’t know if the company filters them but in any case they have a lot of satisfied customers.

Phenotype Indica dominant hybrid
Height N/A
Flowering Length 8 – 9 weeks
Yield 300 – 500 gram
THC Level 20%
Starting price 5 seeds for $40

G13 Haze by Barney's Farm

Barney’s Farm’s G13 Haze Regular was voted best cannabis strain on the market two years in a row and has won a lot of other prizes. The famous seed bank improved the lineage by mixing their well know G13 with a Skunk #1 variety to create this sativa dominant hybrid.

It grows relatively tall but is a good candidate for indoor growing as it’s not too bushy. This plant will take quite some time to develop (more than 2 months) but it will develop large generous buds with lots of resin. It has a pretty strong effect with a total body stone. 

Not many user reviews of this strain exist but I did find a few saying that the seeds germinated well. I also found many articles praising this strain and its characteristics.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Height100 – 110 cm (3.2 – 3.5 feet)
Flowering Length10 – 11 weeks
Yield450 – 500 grams
THC LevelN/A
Starting price10 seeds for $79.06

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White Widow by Sensi Seeds

Another veryy famous strain but hey you asked for the best strains out there and there’s a reason why these strains are so famous 🙂 This strain is famous because it’s got it all : it grows well, produces great yields, it’s very potent and it’s delicious!

White widow got its name because it grows a very thick layer of beautiful white trichomes that explain its potency. This strain’s effect is pretty strong but it’s not too numbing. It gives a creative energetic boost to the head but also relaxes the body.

This wonderful strain is well known for giving a very generous yield, “XXL” as Sensi Seed calls it. It has a very compact structure and will be more productive if well taken care of with techniques such as the SOG (Sea of Green) marijuana growing technique.  

Sensi seeds has dozens of positive reviews that praise the strains potency and outstanding yield and only one negative review.

PhenotypeIndica dominant Hybrid
Flowering LengthN/A
Yieldvery high yield
THC LevelN/A
Starting price10 seeds for $43.23

OG Kush by Marijuana Seeds NL

OG Kush has become one of the famous most praised strains out there because of its super dank and delicious buds. It has high THC levels, a long-lasting euphoric high and a delicious citrusy aroma.

This strain is recommended for all growers out there. It grows into a compact bush that easily gives great yields. However it does require a rather warm climate to survive so be careful if you’re growing outdoors. OG Kush buds are quite dense and full of beautiful orange pistils, it’s quite great to look at.

There are lots of great customer reviews online for this strain but there’s also a few negative ones. It seems people were disappointed with germination so be carefuly with that. I still added it to the list because there are way more positive reviews than negative ones and the positive ones cover all characteristics whereas the negatives concentrate on germination.  

Height100 – 180 cm (3.2 – 5.9)
Flowering Length8 – 10 weeks
Yield400 – 500 gram/m2
THC Level20 – 24%
Starting price5 seeds for $38.30

Super Skunk by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Super skunk is a strain that has been around for decades. Very well known in Amsterdam, it has won the cannabis cup and is often praised for its big yields and easy growing difficulty.

This strain is not considered to be too picky and is really  recommend for novice growers. It grows pretty tall but is definitely manageable in a tent. We chose to recommend Amsterdam Marijuana Seed’s variety of Super Skunk over many others because of the positive reviews we found concerning their brand. Not only is packaging discreet, delivery is efficient and the seeds are of good quality. 

It gives a pleasant but very strong cerebral high. Super skunk won’t really leave you couch-locked but we don’t recommend smoking it if you have a lot of stuff to do. It has a powerful earthy-skunk aroma that has some distant sweet notes.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid
Flowering Length8 – 9 weeks
Yield350 gram/m2
THC Level5 – 15%
Starting price10 seeds for $49

AK47 by Serious Seeds

Thousands of varieties exist and so many of them are great so it was hard to pick only 10 strains. However we couldn’t finish this list without adding AK47 to it. Often described as the ‘one-hit wonder’ this strain is one of the best cannabis has to offer.

AK47’s THC level is high and it’s effect is very strong. It’s definitely one of those ‘fast and furious’ plants. It grows rather rapidly and pretty tall too. If you don’t take care of it in time it can grow into this huge bushy plant. 

Both Serious Seeds and Seedsman have a lot of very happy customer reviews so we feel very confident recommending this one. Many clients praise Serious Seeds for the quality of their seeds and the healthiness of the plants they produce.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Flowering Length8 – 9 weeks
THC Levelhigh
Starting price11 seeds for $80

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