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What are Mobile nutrients? How is it important?

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In today’s article we’re going to cover mobile and immobile nutrients. We’ll explain what that means, and which nutrients are which.

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What are mobile nutrients

Mobile nutrients, like Nitrogen, are able to move from one portion of the plant to another as needed.
You can notice this for example when you have a Nitrogen deficiency. The lower plant will take the nutrients from lower leaves in order to reuse the nitrogen in the upper levels of the plant.
You can see this with the leaf turning yellow, which indicates that the nitrogen is being sucked out of it.

How to know if the nutrient is mobile?

If the deficiency impacts the older leaves first then odds are that the nutrients is mobile since this shows that the plant is extracting the nutrient in order to re-allocate it where it’s needed.

What are immobile nutrients

Immobile nutrients, like Calcium, are the opposite of mobile nutrients (duh); meaning that the plant cannot relocate the nutrients as needed.
If the plant goes through a deficiency the nutrients will not be reallocated.

How to know if the nutrient is immobile

If a plant goes through a deficiency of an immobile nutrients the new growth will be affected, since the plant cannot reallocate these nutrients where it’s needed.

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Mobile and immobile nutrients for Marijuana

So let’s look at which nutrients are mobile and which ones aren’t. Below you’ll find a list of the necessary elements to the development of marijuana as well as their mobility.

List of mobile and immobile nutrients

 Nitrogen (N)Mobile
Phosphorus (P)Mobile
Potassium (K)Mobile
Magnesium (Mg)Mobile
Zinc (Zn)Mobile
Calcium (Ca)Immobile
Boron (B)Immobile
Chlorine (Cl)Immobile
Colalt (Co)Immobile
Copper (Cu)Immobile
Iron (Fe)Immobile
Manganese (Mn)Immobile
Molybdenum (Mo)Immobile
Selenium (Se)Immobile
Silicon (Si)Immobile
Sulfur (S)Immobile

If you have a deficiency on your plant make sure you check if the nutrient is mobile or not. If it’s immobile it will depend on the plants transpiration in order to reach the different area’s of the plant. Meaning that deficiencies of immobile nutrients will take longer to recover than mobile one’s

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