Top 10 Highest Yielding Strains

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What strains give the highest yield?

If you’re thinking “ain’t nobody got time to lose” with low yields you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite highest yield strains. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, with these strains you’re guaranteed some of the biggest buds.

How did we put together this list? We combined some of our personal favorites that have always given us great yields with online user reviews and seed bank descriptions. Look no further, these are some of the best yielding strains out there.

The list has a lot sativa strains because they tend to grow taller and have bigger buds than indica ones. Also emphasize the taller, these bad mamas grow taaaall. But if you’re looking for great yields, that’s a price you’ll have to pay.

Before we start it’s important to point out that some strains have greatly evolved over the years and despite having the same name, depending on which vendor you buy it from, characteristics may vary.

Power Plant Feminized by Marijuana Seeds NL

This strain’s name doesn’t lie. The Pure Power Plant will impress you with its impressive growth and knock you out with its strong effects. It can grow extremely tall and has a very strong delicious odor so it’s not very discreet. If growing outdoors, this plant is going to thrive in Mediterranean or subtropical climates. It’s not too hard to grow and more importantly, if well taken care of, it can yield up to 600 grams/m2 making a great high yielding cannabis strain.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Height180 – 200 cm
(5.9 – 6.5 feet)
Flowering Length7-9 weeks
Yield500-600 gram/m2
THC Level20-24%
Starting price5 seeds for $70

1024 feminized Seeds by Medical Seeds

1024 is an award winning strain. Not only is it extremely potent but it will also give you great yields, especially outdoors. User reviews praise how easy to grow and how beautiful the buds are. With THC levels easily exceeding 20% be aware it’s very strong! Many use this strain for its medicinal properties as it has a medium CBD content (% not specified by Medical Seeds). Great for beginner growers this plant has a delicious sweet and spicy taste that will leave you satisfied.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Flowering Length10-11 weeks
Yield600 gram/m2 indoors & 1kg / plant outdoors
THC Level20-25%
Starting price3 seeds for $31.47

Sweet Amnesia Feminized Seeds by G13 Labs

Sweet Amnesia is one of the highest yielding strains out there. This haze / lemon plant will grow pretty tall and likely be rigorous. It’s recommended for beginner growers and it’s supposed to be very easy to grow.  We’ve never tried it ourselves but users on various websites have reported that it grows well and that its enormous buds were wonderful to see and delicious to smoke.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Height100-150 cm
(3.2 – 4.9 feet)
Flowering Length7-10 weeks
Yield600 gram/m2 indoors & 1.2kg / plant outdoors
THC LevelN/A
Starting price5 seeds for $48.95

Lemonchello Haze by Seedsman

This amazing lemon haze x amnesia strain has a delicious sweet citrus taste! I’ve never grown this plant but I’ve tasted it and its definitely a winner in my book. Recommended by Seedmans to beginner growers, it grows well in all environments and produces great beautiful buds. Users on their site give nothing but praises in the reviews.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid
Heightcan go up to 300 cm
(9.8 feet)
Flowering Length7-9 weeks
Yield600 gram/m2 indoors & 800 g / plant outdoors
THC Level15-20%
Starting price3 seeds for $24.97

Pineapple Chunk Feminized by Barney’s Farm

And another great Barney’s Farm strain that makes it to the list of best yielding strains. Recommend for indoor growing, this plant will give you great buds. Its taste is earthy as well as cheesy and fruity with notes of pineapple: it’s a mouthful. It has 1.1% CBD and it’s effect is very strong. This strain is not recommended for a wake and bake but rather relaxing on the couch at night.

Height90 – 100 cm
(2.9 – 3.2 feet)
Flowering Length5-9 weeks
Yield650 gram/m2 indoors
THC Level25%
Starting price1 seeds for $11.65

Big Bud Feminized by I Love Growing Marjuana

As its name suggests, Big Bud is one of I Love Growing Marijuana’s highest yielding strains. We’ve never grown this strain but ILGM is a great breeder and shop so we definitely recommend their strains. This strain is easy to grow but will needs support so prepare some strings or wires. It produces great big buds that have a spicy earthy aroma.The buds have a sweet fruity taste and will leave you very relaxed and let’s face it, a bit lazy.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid (60%)
Flowering Length9 weeks
Yield700 gram/m2
THC Level16%
Starting price5 seeds for $89

Pineapple Express #2 Feminized by G13 Labs

Pineapple Express #2 is another great yielding pineapple strain. This famous strain is extremely quick flowering and produce extremely high yields, which is a pretty rare combination. Highly resistant this plant can be grown in various climates. Its THC % is not known but users have reported it to be rather strong happy energetic buzz. User reviews online are almost nothing but praises, this strains seems to satisfy everyone.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid
Height150 cm
(4.9 feet)
Flowering Length5-7 weeks
Yield700 gram/m2 & 1.3 kg / plant outdoors
THC LevelN/A
Starting price5 seeds for $48.95

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Do Si Dos Feminized by Barney's Farm

This extremely strong strain will not disappoint you in terms of yield. Yielding up to 750 indoors and 2 kilos outdoors its definitely one of the highest yielding strains we could find. It has beautiful colors, grows well indoors and outdoors and is even easy to grow. Growing rather tall this plant will give you beautiful lime and violet buds. Its effect is rather strong, with burst of euphoria before settling into a more sedative high.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid (70%)
Height90cm (2.9ft)
Flowering Length8-10 weeks
Yield750 gram/m2 indoors & 2kg / plant outdoors
THC Level22-28%
Starting price1 seed for $15.15

Mendocino Skunk Feminized by Paradise Seeds

Mendocino Skunk was developed by Paradise Seeds and the legendary Tommy Chong. It grows well indoors and outdoors and is easy to grow because it’s very stable and requires low maintenance. While growing this high yielding strain will be quite impressive. As a plant it gives off strong notes of skunk. However once dried the buds have a sweet fruitier smell and its effect is uplifting euphoria.

PhenotypeIndica dominant hybrid (60%)
Height100 cm
(3.2 feet)
Flowering Length8 weeks
Yield700 gram/m2 indoors & 1 kg / plant outdoors
THC Level20-24%
Starting price3 seeds for $29.42

Chocolope is a great sativa strain that has an energizing and uplifting effect. If you want a strain to smoke in the morning, this is the one. Prone to mold, this plant is easier to grow indoors but can thrive outdoors in a sunny climate. It grows quite tall and more importantly, it grows great quantities of big buds. Chocolope has a delicious sweet chocolatey taste with notes of coffee.

PhenotypeSativa dominant hybrid (90%)
Flowering Length10 weeks
Yield650 gram/m2
THC Level19%
Starting price5 seeds for $79

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