Laughing Buddha Cannabis Strain

A guide from seed to harvest

Laughing buddha with 4 apex's in the sun

Hey there and welcome (back)!
In this grow report we’re going to go over one of our current grows, a Laughing Buddha by Barney’s Farm. Really exited to be able to share this with you all 😉
We’re going to start the piece by going over the strain and our grow material, followed by the strains characteristics and then get into our grow, hope you enjoy!

Laughing Buddha Grow Guide – Table of content

  • The stretch
  • Flowering period (getting there)
  • Harvest (getting there)

Information & Nutrients

  • Strain : Laughing Buddha
  • Seed Type : Feminized
  • Seed Bank : Barney’s Farm
  • Grow Medium : Lightly enriched soil
  • Nutrients used
    – Vegetation stage : A little bit of NP mix at the end of the flowering stage
    – Flowering stage : Not started
  • Grow light:
    – Seedling stage : 75W LED – Pink&Blue spectrum
    – Vegetation/flowering stage :  400W LED – Pink&Blue spectrum

Laughing Buddha – Strain characteristics

As you may be aware, we’ve been building a cannabis strain & seed price comparison website to help pick out your strains. We all know the headache of having 10 tabs open to pic a strain, well no more! 🙂 
Here’s laughing buddha’s characteristics; if you want to compare it to other strains, add them to the tool then open the comparison table. 

Lauching buddha characteristics

PHENOTYPE Mostly Sativa
LINEAGE Thai x Jamaican





Sativa Strains

Sex Bud Feminized Seeds


Indica Strains

Early Misty Seeds


Germinating the Laughing Buddha Seeds

Sooo we got this baby at Barney’s farms in Amsterdam itself hehehe; We had the pleasure to meet members of the team, exchange and trade stickers.

This strain is one of Free the Tree’s founders favorites but unfortunately they didn’t have anymore at the coffee shop… So we figured hey, we can’t smoke it now buuuut we can grab a seed and couple months down the road we’ll have a bunch; lovely silver lining.

Purchasing the seed

free the tree & barney's farm stickers in the coffee shop

Chillin’ at the coffee shop after buying the seed

seed just taken out of the pack it's sold in in barney's farm amsterdam store

Laughing buddha seed before germination

Seed germination

As you can see we only bought one seed, so we couldn’t mess this germination up. Luckily, it’s a stable strain and we’re starting to have the technique pretty down.
She took a bit long to germinate, but within 4 days her tap root was out and ready to be planted 🙂

seed set in wet towel to start germination process

Laughing buddha seed in paper towel

seed germinated

Laughing buddha seed before germination

germinated seed planted into soil

Bye bye little one! see your foliage soon

The vegetation stage

We’ve decided to break down the vegetation stage in different “steps” to make it easier to follow through. We’ll all agree that these steps are a bit arbitrary since this is all just vegetation, and she’s just growing more foliage. Here’s the breakdown, if you want to skip straight to a specific section

Sprouting & Seedling stage

Once she germinated things went pretty fast. The cotyledons popped out within 36hours,
started growing her first leaves right away and then stretched. That last part scared us a bit as we were worried she would get top heavy once the leaves grew in

From a seed to a little plant

Seedling cotyledons have deployed, first leaves are visible in the middle

Cotyledons opening

Laughing buddha growing the second stage of leaves

Second stage of leaf growing

two first stages of leaves fully grown, third growing in

2 first stages of leaf fully grown, third coming in

Turns out we worried for nothing, her stem thickened quickly and held nicely. In the last image you can see that her first deficiency started showing, although we didn’t really worry about it. I think it was her telling us that she needed more room. Once we transplanted her into a bigger pot, the signs of deficiency stopped spreading and she got back to growth.

Transplanting into a fabric pot

roots starting to come out of the pot

Roots starting to grow out of the pot

roots starting to circle around the soil

Root ball – Can notice some spiraling roots

Plant set into a new pot for more room

Laughing buddha in her new home

So there’s something we haven’t mentioned so far, and that really took some time & energy.. A fungus gnat infestation within our vegetation tent, and a bad one at that… We’ve regrouped what we’ve learned on them over here, but basically the larvae and pupa’s of this pest eats through the plants roots.

We lost 2 critical+ cuttings cause of them, it took a little time for us to identify the issue, but luckily the laughing buddha wasn’t too impacted.
Here’s some pics on how we dealt with them

Fungus gnat invasion

sticky traps laid out to kill adult individuals

Sticky traps laid out to kill adults

Pouring nematode "powder" into water sprayer

Nematodes added to water mix to target larvae and eggs

hundreds of adults stuck on trap

Sticky trap full of adult fungus gnats

Vegetative growth and Plant training

Now that this little was in a new home and nemadotes are protecting her roots there’s nothing left to stop her growth 🙂 
We’re adding a little bit of PK nutrients every couple feeds, but honestly we weren’t as square as we used to be on this aspect, but things seem to work out alright

plant settling in the new pot

3 days after transplanting

A week after, comfy growth in her new home

laughing buddha during the vegetative stage

Getting ready to top her (nice indica lookin’ leaves no? 🙂 )

As soon as we transplanted her we decided to get her into our bigger tent, which we had stopped using since our last flowering stage. In this tent we have our 400W LED light, a humidifier, fans & an extraction, making the conditions better for her to grow.

To have some fun with her we also decided to top her and train 4 auxiliary branches and flower her that way. Next to her we’ve got a little blue thai that we’re going to scrog, and soon to join her will be a nice little SexBud by Female Seeds. Can’t wait to have all these little ones flowering!

LST – Topping her

The first step to having these 4 auxiliary branches is to top her so that she starts growing 2 main branches instead of her Apex.

Apex branch still in place, about to top the cannabis plant

Just before topping her

Plant freshly topped, 2 little auxiliary branches visible

Freshly topped, bye bye Apex

2 auxiliary branches nicely grown

2 weeks after topping

Now that the 2 auxiliary branches have grown nicely we started training them. The idea is to spread them out so they have more room to grow individually, as well as let light through to the branches below so that they can grow. Here’s how we went about it

LST – Guiding the growth

just before tying down the branches

Just before starting the training

top branches tied down to train plant

Top auxiliary branches pulled down

4 auxiliary branches grown to about the same height

2 weeks later (& thirsty)

As you can see we only pulled back the top 2 branches at the moment. We’re going to let the 2 growing underneath catch up a bit before training them.
If you do this make sure the not isn’t tied to tight, you don’t want to reduce/block nutrient flow.

In the last image about 2  weeks have passed. You can see that the 4 branches have nicely grown. It’s time to do some cuttings in order to keep this strain around, then train all 4 branches before starting the flowering stage hehe

Cloning the strain

2 branches chillin’ in a cup of water

2 clones in fiber blocks to start rooting

Defoliated branches in fiberglass blocs

4 clones in container with plastic film to keep humidity

Plastic wrap to close container

Now that these clones are under wrap (literally ^^), we’re going to start training the 2 other branches, get this little one into a bigger pot and change the photo-period! Here we are at the final stretch of the vegetation stage!

Final transplantation

plant trained to have 4 auxiliary branches

Ready to be transplanted one final time

transplanting into larger pot

Placing smaller fabric pot into large one

4 branches pulled to each corner to increase light penetration

Plant in her final home. Branches pulled laterally

Now that we got her in her final pot, we’re going to let her get comfortable a couple days then going to get the stretch started 🙂

Here’s a couple pics of her in the tent just before starting the flowering. You can see that she’s got a bit of a nitrogen deficiency, we added a bit in the last feed in order to for her to have some available during the stretch, hopefully it’ll slow the deficiency, I hate loosing leaf mass before the flowering stage.

Laughing buddha viewed from the top

Top view of this beauty

Nitrogen deficiency spreading

We waited a little bit before starting the flowering just to make sure the cuttings rooted, really don’t want to loose the strain. 
Luckily both cuttings rooted, soooo we switched to a 12/12 

massive root growing out of the clone

Clone growing large root system

clone showing a small root sticking out

2nd cutting showing little root (i know she looks bad, but she’ll be fine )


Planting the cutting into soil

Since this little one is still growing we’ll be updating the page regularly.
Until next time, be safe and grow easy 😉


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