Is Medical Marijuana Used As A Cure For Chronic Pain?

The first symptom often observed in the majority of the diseases is pain, which notifies that there is something wrong with the body. The perception of pain varies from one person to another. Pain can be of two types acute and chronic. The acute one possesses less intensity and lasts for a short period; however, the chronic one is due to some underlying disease and lasts for more extended periods. It is not necessary that pain would be cured. Still, there are many ways to treat it or reduce the intensity such as opioids, analgesics (pain relievers), and sometimes physical therapy or surgery if not relieved with medications. 

People try various therapies to get rid of pain; one is the use of medical marijuana. Marijuana has been legalized in multiple states, and research proved that around 62 percent of the people utilize medical marijuana to treat pain. Medical marijuana is readily available nowadays, so you can get your hands on it with doctor’s prescription, such as if I need marijuana for some condition, I will search medical marijuana doctors near me to get comprehensive counseling and advice if I could take medical marijuana or not.

How Does it Relieve Pain

Various animal and human trials proved that medical marijuana has a high efficacy in treating chronic pain conditions. Marijuana possesses pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that help in improving the daily suffering of patients.

When ingested by the patients, marijuana chemicals called cannabinoids travel to the brain where the endocannabinoid system is located. It then stimulates the system resulting in a reduction of inflammation and pain in the body. It can also be used to treat pain caused by multiple underlying diseases such as neuropathy or rheumatoid arthritis. It is also known to treat migraines and musculoskeletal Pain.

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Replacement to Opioids Due to Less Adverse Effects

Usually, doctors treat chronic pain with opioids, but it has many side effects such as pruritis, dry mouth, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and much more. Medical marijuana is arising widely as an effective treatment for chronic pain. Patients suffering from unbearable Pain have been advised to either ingest marijuana or utilize it as an oral spray. It helps in relieving pain and improves the quality of life. Also, it is safe and has shown no side effects even with prolonged use, but the condition is that the doctor should recommend the dose of medical marijuana.

Cost-effective and Safe

In the year 1975, some scientists discovered that medical marijuana could efficiently treat chronic Pain caused due to cancer. The research claimed medical marijuana as a safe and cost-effective therapy alternative to traditional medications that renders many adverse effects. Minimal risk has been discovered of overdosage and addiction associated with medical marijuana. Also, it is easily ingestible to patients who are unable to receive injection or pills. According to a study published by Harvard University, six patients suffering from chronic Pain observed depletion in their pain levels when used medical marijuana. Thus, it’s not just a perfect alternative treatment for chronic pain, but it is safe, and you can consume it without any worries.

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Helps to Alleviate Emotional Pain

Just like physical pain, emotional pain also makes a person uncomfortable and irritable. Various diseases cause emotional Pain by disturbing the production of chemicals in the brain, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mood disorders. Although emotional pain is different from physical pain, it requires treatment. For many years medical marijuana has been used for several mental disorders as it stimulates the production of happy hormones in the brain and provides a state of happiness. Therefore, if you feel depressed or anxious, it is excellent to consume medical marijuana per your doctor’s guidance and recommendation.

Things you need to Remember

Although medical marijuana is as safe as any other traditional medicine, it requires some safety measures like remember the time and date when you use marijuana. Take care of the dose that you are inhaling and make sure to talk to your doctor before using it as your treatment for chronic pain. Also, you should be fully aware of different strains and types of marijuana available in the market as some of the strains could be highly toxic and addictive. Decide how you would utilize it, such as inhale, topical, edible, or smoke. Don’t forget to notice if your daily activities were affected by the use of marijuana and note the time it took to show its effects on you.  

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Umer Ishfaq is an experienced writer. He began his writing career with Techvando. Although he enjoys writing about a variety of topics, health care is his passion. He enjoys educating people and readers on how to live a healthier and happier life.

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