Medical Marijuana Strains for Sciatica Pain

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6 effective strains as an alternative

Sciatica pain is a prevalent nerve issue that is faced by many people all over the world. It is a form of back pain that is caused because of some sort of disturbance in the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is a long and large nerve that runs along the lower back and goes down the back of both legs. In case the sciatic nerve is injured, or something exerts pressure on it, the sciatic nerve can cause lower backache that goes down to the hip as well as buttocks and legs.

How is Sciatica Pain conveniently treated?

Most of the time, in the cases of acute sciatica, over the counter pain relief medication can provide relief temporarily, but in some severe cases, patients also have to use prescription drugs to numb the pain. Some doctors also suggest different forms of exercise, like walking or stretching, to combat the issue.


While exercise can fix the problem to some degree, painkillers only numb the pain for a while, and as we all know, too many painkillers aren’t good for the human body. You can develop a tolerance to the painkillers, and then you need a higher dose to get pain relief, and more drugs mean more side effects.

Alternative Medications for Sciata Pain Relief

In recent years, cannabis has gained a lot of popularity in the United States and Canada, and many pieces of research have been done to learn more about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. One of the most prominent medical advantages of cannabis is pain relief.


Cannabis and its extracts are a great way to get pain relief naturally and organically without any significant long-lasting side effects. There are many methods to use cannabis for pain relief.

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6 best marijuana strains for sciatica pain relief

Here is a list of some amazing cannabis strains that are well known for their pain-relieving properties.

Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush marijuana strain originates from California, and it is an indica dominant strain of marijuana with a significantly high dose of THC, which is usually between 17 and 24%. It gets its unique name because of the sweetness, and a flavor of blackberries that it has.


It is excellent for relaxing your body and numbing any pain that you may be feeling. But, if you want to stay active, go to work or something else, you should go for any other strain since Blueberry Kush can make you lazy and at the same time, super relaxed because of its high THC content.

Blue Widow

Blue Widow marijuana strain is also a quite popular strain of marijuana, and it is known for its fabulous pain relief properties. The THC content in this strain is not very high, but it still has a decent amount of it. Generally, the THC content of Blue Widow is around 12 to 17%. This strain works as a great pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory.


The best thing about this strain is that it will not get you stuck with the couch, but it will make you a bit sleepy, so it is great to take in the afternoon. It is also used to cure moderate to severe insomnia.

Bubba Kush

Here is another indica dominant strain of cannabis that is very popular in the medical marijuana community. It has incredible pain-relieving properties, and it is mostly used to cure severe pains like migraines, muscular aches, sciatica, and backache.


The flavor of this strain is generally sweet; it is a mix of coffee and chocolate. It is a heavy relaxant, and it relaxes the body from head to toe.

Purple Arrow

Purple Arrow marijuana strain is mostly an indica dominant strain of marijuana. It has a 15% sativa, and 85% indica content and the THC content is around 15%. Once more, this is a very common strain of cannabis in the medical community.


It is exceptionally famous for countering nerve pains like sciatica. Also, you will find it quite common among the patients of arthritis because of its pain-relieving abilities.

purple arrow flower


This one is a sativa dominant hybrid strain which gets its name as it hits you very hard like an AK-47 round. AK-47 marijuana strain is commonly known as the best recreational cannabis strain, but it also has powerful pain-relieving effects. It consists of 35% indica and 65% sativa and a THC content falling between 13-20%.


If you’re suffering from chronic pain, then you should try this strain. This strain is undoubtedly competent in pain management, and it is also used for treating anxiety and depression.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer marijuana strain is another sativa dominant hybrid that originated in the Netherlands. It was initially known as a great stimulant and a strain for recreational use, but it has come a long way since. Now it is quite popular for its medicinal benefits.


It is mostly used to cure depression and anxiety, but it is also quite useful for getting rid of all kinds of pain, whether it is nerve pain or due to some injury.

Using Medical Marijuana to treat Sciata Pain

In a nutshell, cannabis is a very effective and organic alternative solution for pain relief. Unlike all the pharmaceuticals, it does not have any permanent side effects, and the users don’t build a tolerance to it. If you don’t like smoking, you can consume these strains in other ways as well. Most of these strains are available in the form of edibles.


You can also use some cannabis extracts like CBD oil, which will provide all the pain relief without any high. So, the next time you experience sciatica pain, try out one of these marijuana strains instead of pharmaceuticals for side effect-free pain relief treatment. Good Luck!

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