6 Ways How Cannabis Can Help Treat Bladder Infections

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Bladder infections fall in the category of urinary tract infections. Anybody who has ever had a UTI will tell you that it is one of the worst sensations a person can endure. The constant pelvic pain and burning in the urinary tract can make things very difficult. 

In most cases, bladder infections start small, and sometimes acute cases are resolved without any treatment, but if the infection spreads, it may take a long time to recover.

Bladder infections are primarily caused due to bacteria. The body eliminates these bacteria during urination, but sometimes, they can attach to the bladder walls and start to multiply rapidly, which results in an infection. 

The most common treatment for a bladder infection is using antibiotics. Though these medications are effective, they take some time to provide relief, and you still may have to endure the pain and restlessness while the antibiotics are working to eliminate the infection. 

A great way to naturally treat a bladder infection is to use cannabis. Studies have shown that marijuana has a lot of amazing health benefits, and it can also be used to ease the symptoms of bladder infections. Here is a list of 6 ways in which cannabis can help in the treatment of Urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

  1. Cannabis can provide pain relief :

One of the most common medical benefits of cannabis is pain relief. The chemical components present in the cannabis plant can affect the endocannabinoid system of the body and numb pain effectively without any side effects. 

Bladder infections are excruciating, and the constant pain and burning sensation in your abdomen and pelvis can make you unable to go about your routine.

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Cannabis strains like the ACDC, or other CBD dominant sativa strains are well known for countering pain. Many people avoid using cannabis for pain relief because of its psychoactive effects, but if you select the right strain, which has a low THC content, you can get the medical benefits of cannabis without any psychological effects. 

As CBD is mostly responsible for the pain-relieving effects of cannabis, CBD oil and edibles are also a fantastic option. 

Are you having trouble finding cannabis strains or edibles in your area? All you have to do is write “marijuana dispensary”, with the name of your city and state on google like, “marijuana dispensary Sault Ste Marie, Ontario” and you will get the address for all the cannabis outlets near you.  

  1. Cannabis works as an excellent anti-inflammatory:

Any kind of infection is almost always accompanied by inflammation. Furthermore, inflammation is also the primary cause of the burning sensation you feel in your abdomen and urinary tract. 

Inflammation is the body’s response to any sort of damage or attack. When an infection is triggered in the bladder, the body tries to self-heal, which cause inflammation. This increases the blood flow to the affected area, giving you a sensation of heat. 

Furthermore, inflammation also causes swelling in the affected area, which is why urinating becomes so painful and challenging when dealing with a bladder infection or any other UTI.

However, cannabis can be quite helpful is countering these symptoms because it is a well-known anti-inflammatory substance. Ingesting some CBD oil or edibles can be very beneficial in decreasing the annoying symptoms and effects of UTIs. 

  1. Cannabis can decrease stress:

Like any other disease, a bladder infection is also accompanied by stress. The annoying symptoms of the infection can increase your stress levels and further decrease the effectiveness of the body’s natural immune system. 

Cannabis has many incredible benefits, but one of the main ones is stress relief. Therefore, if you are feeling stressed and agitated because of the infection, try some cannabis to cheer you up. 

Cannabis affects the chemical nervous system of the body to trigger the release of certain hormones like dopamine, which is also known as the pleasure hormone. Dopamine can conclusively eliminate stress and make you feel a lot more relaxed. 

  1. Cannabis can improve your autoimmune system :
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The autoimmune system is the body’s natural defense against unwanted pathogens and bacteria. The antibiotics that are used to treat infections also increase the production of antibodies, but when you are sick, the effectiveness of your immune system can be diminished. Moreover, the efficiency of your immune system can also be damaged because of stress.

However, cannabis is well known for decreasing stress, and while doing so, it also improves the productivity and performance of your natural immune system — this helps in the healing and treatment of bladder infections. 

  1. Cannabis helps in countering the side effects caused by high-intensity antibiotics:

For the treatment of a Bladder infection, you will need to take some antibiotics. Depending on the intensity of the infection, you may have to take some prescription antibiotics that can have some severe side effects, including nausea, and fatigue.

Cannabis is known to deal with both of these problems. Almost all strains of cannabis are effective in countering nausea and vomiting, while most high THC sativa strains are known to be super energizing. If you use the right strain, you will feel active and energized after taking the antibiotics. 

  1. Cannabis can increase appetite:

When dealing with the painful effects of a bladder infection, food is usually the last thing on your mind. However, drinking water and eating food is very important when your body’s working overtime to fight off bladder infection.  

Cannabis can help in increasing your appetite. 

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THC, which is an active component of cannabis triggers the Ghrelin receptors, which are responsible for making people feel hungry. This helps us eat and rejuvenate our energy. Doctors prescribe not to take antibiotics on an empty stomach; therefore, when you don’t feel like eating, cannabis will help you get some food in so that you can get the best effect of the antibiotics with minimal side-effects.

Bladder infections and other UTIs can be quite detrimental for the body and mind. While cannabis cannot be considered as a standalone treatment for infections, it can be quite helpful in countering the negative symptoms. Some of the benefits of this fantastic substance have been mentioning in this post. I hope you find them helpful. So, that’s all and have a great day.

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