Everything you need to know about smoking hemp flower

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Everything You Need To Know About Smoking Hemp Flower thumbnail

What you need to know about smoking CBD

If you’ve heard about the beneficial effects of CBD, you might have asked yourself: “Why not just smoke weed?” For many people, this is simply not a viable option. Whether for legal reasons, health reasons, or whatever else, most people looking for CBD products, don’t want to experience any psychoactive effects when using them. That’s where the use of hemp flower comes into the picture. It gives you all the CBD that you need with little or no high. For those who know nothing about it, lets discuss everything that a beginner would need to know about smoking Hemp flower.

Choosing the right strain

As you might have guessed, the flower of the Cannabis plant is often called a “bud.” Technically, this is incorrect, but use whatever terminology you please. Whatever you choose to call your smoking herb, it is important to choose the right strain. Although most strains will give medicinal benefits, there is always a question of degree.

The only difference between Hemp and Marijuana is THC content. THC is the psychoactive substance that causes the distinctive high of the Marijuana plant. Hemp, on the other hand, has little to no THC. This is because hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years and has been selectively bred for other qualities.

Industrial Hemp is normally used for rope, not smoking, so its genetics have bent in that direction. As such, you should avoid industrial strains, which sometimes contain very little CBD. If you still choose to go for industrial hemp, make sure the vendor either mentions how much CBD is in the strains or you ask them about it before making the purchase.

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As a general rule, you want to choose a strain with high CBD content. Manufacturers don’t always tell you the CBD content of their product, and you should avoid buying from them. You want to make sure that your chosen strain contains at least 13% CBD. Anything higher than 20% is likely to be overkill.

At the same time, you want to choose a strain with a taste and smell good. Something you would enjoy consuming. Sure, you’re doing this for medicinal purposes, but you might as well enjoy yourself in the process.


Here is a quick-reference guide to the most common terpenes to be found in the hemp flower. Each of them is associated with a certain kind of taste, so investigating the terpene content of a given strain will give you a good starting point.

  • Beta-Caryophyllene: Gives a spicy, earthy fragrance
  • Borneol: Strong minty taste and smell
  • Delta-3 Carene: This one has a sweet aroma like cedar
  • Eucalyptol: Gives a minty kind of taste with a hint of spice
  • Humulene: Gives a spicy, floral taste
  • Limonene: Gives a citrus taste reminiscent of lemons
  • Linalool: Gives a floral aroma similar to lavender
  • Myrcene: Gives a fruity citrus taste reminiscent of tropical fruits
  • Pinene: Gives a hint of pine
  • Terpineol: Has a taste and smell of lime, and a strong sedative effect

Benefits of smoking hemp flower

The medicinal benefits of Hemp are widely known, and that has been the case for thousands of years. A lot of studies have been done on the subject, and a large body of evidence has been amassed. Based on this, we can see that CBD is good for the relief of many ailments.

CBD helps to relieve pain and inflammation, making it a good choice for those with bone and joint problems. It also has obvious effects upon the mood, allowing someone to relax and mellow out without getting “high.”

CBD has also been shown to help in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. Those who suffer from seizures have consistently shown improvement when treated with a regular dose of CBD.

Of course, we aren’t talking about consuming CBD extract here. We’re talking about the consumption of the Hemp flower itself, which usually means smoking or vaping. There are various benefits that come from the use of the flower itself (as opposed to an extract).

It has been shown that the chemical substances in hemp flowers have a more beneficial effect when they work together. Taking just one of those ingredients and isolating it will surely limit the medicinal value. Besides, you’ll also miss out on those distinctive flavors and aromas that add so much pleasure to the experience. This quality has been termed “the entourage effect.”

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How To Use Hemp Flower

The process for using hemp flower isn’t that different from that which is used for marijuana. Most people choose to smoke it, and this is probably the simplest method. Smoking will deliver the active ingredients to the body in a more rapid fashion, giving a near-instant effect. By contrast, CBD can take up to an hour to take effect when eaten. Unless you have respiratory problems, you should probably stick with smoking or vaping.

You will want to break up the buds, as this will provide a greater surface area for ignition. Trying to smoke a solid piece is likely to be frustrating, especially because it may contain seeds. You might want to save the seeds, as more CBD can be extracted from them, but they are no good for smoking: They taste terrible and will make you cough a lot. Stems aren’t really a problem, but you want to get rid of those if you plan on using a rolling paper of any kind.

As for your smoking device, we would recommend a simple glass or metal pipe for beginners. Bongs are likely to be too harsh, especially the larger ones. Rolling cigarettes or cigars is an option, but this tends to have a little bit of a learning curve.


We have tried to keep this guide as simple and straightforward as possible. Remember, this is just a basic overview for people who are just getting started with smoking hemp flower. If you’d like to turn things up a notch and try different things, make sure you research about them before you try them.

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