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6 reasons to grow your own weed

Hello Community! 🙂
For my first post here I decided to share why, in my opinion, you should grow your own weed at home. I’m really excited of joining u, hope you’ll find this first piece useful

The (Surprising) Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

In the advent of worldwide legalization, cannabis is becoming more and more available to the everyday consumer. Dispensaries are springing up like mushrooms in legalized states in the US, making a billion dollar industry.
Despite this boom, more and more people are growing at home. The benefits of growing your own are obvious: economical, social, knowing (and choosing) which strains you’re going to smoke, quality control and just because it’s fun!
If you look just at the economical side, with a modest grow room, which averages between 300 and 500 bucks, can get you a grow-op setup that will pay for itself in as quickly as one harvest.

Other benefits, which you may discover as you become a habitual grower, are not so obvious.

Here are a few:

Strains, strains, strains

Even with the recent trends in decriminalization/legalization, chances are you live in a city where you have to depend on your local dealer for your weed. If you ask him/her what strain you’re buying, most likely you’ll get an answer that basically means: smoke what I give you and don’t be fussy.
Ask about the THC/CBD/CBN ratio of the baggy you’re buying, and you’ll probably get a blank stare.

However, as a habitual smoker, I know that certain strains are good for certain needs, and the wrong strain can have the opposite effect.
You’ve heard that cannabis is great for insomnia, but a high THC sativa could raise your brain activity to hyperdrive, therefore making you count sheep until dawn.

You want to use cannabis to push your focus and production on a creative project; however the heavy indica your dealer was able to sell you has you unable to get off the couch eating a bag of potato chips while watching nature documentaries.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that has legal dispensaries with qualified staff to advise you on the exact type of strain you need, that’s great. But most of us don’t, and so growing your own will allow the choice and the autonomy of getting the right kind of effect or medicine.

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You will drink less

I have noticed my need for alcohol has greatly decreased. Whether it’s to unwind at the end of the day, or at social occasions, if you are pleasantly buzzed with a weed high, you’ll find you don’t have to drink at all.

Over the years I’ve helped many friends cut back on alcohol consumption by substituting with cannabis. The “Dry Month of January” doesn’t sound so dreary if you allow yourself to take the edge off with a joint now and then.
And if supply and cost isn’t an issue, who wouldn’t choose an evening socializing with an uplifting weed high and a nonalcoholic cocktail, to a forgetful and clumsy boozy night followed by a hangover the next day?

Bottom line is, if you have a lot of weed, you’ll drink less. Even if you drink a couple of beers, you won’t feel you need more.

You will be richer

If you are living in most of the developed world, cannabis runs at around an average of 10-15 USD per gram.
The cost benefits are therefore obvious even accounting for personal use alone. But what about the your surplus harvest? You can’t play the local weed Santa for long before you realize the “moochers” -or the people outside of your close group of friends- who don’t merit your continuous generosity. So, what to do with the rest?

Even with my humble 4 sq meters grow space, I cultivated my growing skills to produce much more than my close friends and I needed. You’ll inevitably come to a time when friends of friends of friends start to hit you up.

At 10-15 bucks a gram, and a surplus of a only a couple of ounces, you’re on your way to a little savings pot for that annual vacation or that little luxury gadget you always wanted.

You will be healthier

I once had the chance to talk to a big time dealer. He didn’t move a kilo at a time, he moved tens of kilos. I asked him if he indulges in his product himself, and his answer was “I wouldn’t touch the stuff”.
The reason, he said, was commercially grown cannabis is almost always sprayed. By this he meant not only are the plants sprayed with pesticides, but he knows that lower-quality harvests are sprayed with Fentanyl (this has been debunked in the media as an urban legend, but there I was, chatting with a drug lord who admitted to the practice).

Fentanyl and carfentanyl are worrisome enough, but what about those pesticides? Even with a seeming harmless and organic-sounding pesticide like neem oil, your health is at risk. There have been links to neem oil and a terrible condition called Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome, although doctors are just now beginning to understand it. Because so little is known, it’s very hard to diagnose.

Even if you don’t take into accounts these 2 examples, by growing your own weed you know exactly what you’re giving her and (not) spraying the buds with making the product natural, safer and of a much, much, much better quality.

You will be more popular

When I started growing, I had just moved to a new city in an entirely new country. In fact, that was the reason I started growing: I wasn’t in any social circles where I could casually ask for a connection to a dealer, nor did I feel comfortable to venture my luck in unknown streets unequipped with how things worked and with my bad grasp of the local language.

Once I started growing, I used my discretion to choose who I shared my crop with. It took only a little while after to make friends.
Sharing cannabis is an immediate show of trust, and is great for social occasions. I was invited to more parties, which was both a blessing and a curse. It took a while for me to distinguish the moochers from real friends.

Cannabis, I found, was something “moochers” were drawn to, and I realized that some of my new popularity was due to people taking advantage of my supply of generosity.  I learned to be more discriminating about the people I chose to spend time with; going from a phone that never rang to choosing which rings I would answer was a strange, but I realized I was learning to distinguish the people I really got along with from the people who weren’t worth my time. It was social scene luxury.

Oh my god, I wish I had learned to grow cannabis when I was in high school ^^.

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You will have a wonderful, rewarding hobby

Agriculture –humans growing stuff – has played a huge role in the development of human civilization.
The immense pride and pleasure we get taking care of our crops is probably embedded in our DNA.

Have you ever been to someone’s house for a meal and your hosts beam with pride over their homegrown tomatoes? That’s how you’ll feel about your homegrown harvest buds.

As you hone your skills in horticulture, you’ll learn the basics of plant biology, perhaps get a little handy with electrical wiring, and maybe even simple DIY construction (like this automated watering system).

It doesn’t stop at the buds; you’ll learn to make edibles with the rest of the plant and perhaps try your hand at cooking and baking. Cannabis cultivation has almost infinite learning opportunities, and you’ll constantly be finding new tricks and tips.

There is also a friendly online community where people are generous with advice and support. And the best thing about it is that first high buzz you’ll get from a new batch… Each harvest is a sweet reward of your hard work and diligence. It really is a hobby that keeps giving.

Of course these are just a few of the many, many reasons one can think of, hope it’ll help you start your own grow!
If you do, or you’re already growing, send us a message and share you experience here with everyone here 🙂

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