Water appearing on top of leaves

What’s going on? Are they sweating? Is it bad?

Drops of Water appearing of the top of a leaf

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In today’s article we’re going to covering those weird water spots that can appear on the top of your leaves, generally over night. If you’re worrying don’t! (spoiler alert) it’s just the condensation of the leaves sweating 😉

Here’s what we’re going to cover if you want to jump straight to what you’re looking for

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Why does water appear on top of leaves?

You may see some water on top of leaves, usually in the AM once your grow room is filled up and the leaves of each plant are close and/or touching each other.

As you may know, Marijuana, like all plants, sweats through their leaves. Generally you don’t notice this since it’s such small amounts is dissipates right away. 
When another leaf is too close or touching it, that sweat can’t dissipate and starts to accumulate (condensation), that’s what you’re seeing! Basically, it’s like dew, water condensing on your leaves. This happens especially at night time since the temperatures are lower and cannabis sweats a more during its respiration phase.

That’s it! all you’re seeing is the condensation of the water your plants naturally sweats.

Leaf from other plant touching top of a leaf

Leaf overlapping one another

Water appeared on top of the leaf where the other one was touching

Water where the leaf was touching

Is water on leaves bad?

The answer here isn’t black and white. In itself, water on leaves isn’t an issue at all, it can actually be good since the leaves can absorb the nutrients they need right away, although you have to be careful if you have salts in your water.

The real issue can come when they’re wet for too long under the grow light. The water acts like an amplifier of the light when can create issues of light burn on your leaves, and that sucks.
This means that want to avoid wet leaves directly exposed to light for too long.

(if you need to spray your plants with water solutions, do it ~15 minutes before lights out, )

How to avoid Water condensation to appear on top of leaves?

Since the issue is related to space around your leaf you have different ways to solve the problem.
The goal is to stop the overlapping of leaves in order to give them room to breath, here’s a couple ways of approaching the situation:

  • Prune some leaves, a bit radical but sometimes necessary.
  • Move the leaves around to give them room.
  • Tie the leaves to get them out of the way.

Generally, removing one or two leaves and moving others around will do the trick.

If your plants are really close to one another and most of the leaves are touching you need to prune or move them around.
Very High density of the plants will also raise your chances to see mold appear once you have flowers.

Alright folks, That’s it for this! Hope hopefully this helped you understand why water appears on top of Marijuana Leaves , if not send us a message and we’ll try and get you some advice ASAP!
Until next time, be safe and grow easy!

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