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How to make weed edibles

Hey grow fam,

We’ve been cooking with cannabis for a while now. We’ve learned to adapt some of the treats we usually make ourselves to enjoy the effects of cannabis, and we’ve also learned to incorporate some CBD treatments into foods so that it’s innovative, easy and yummy. Last but not least the more we kept digging the more we kept finding out more about hemp and its nutritional qualities so we’ve incorporated more hemp into our foods as well. THC, CBD, hemp : you’ll find all our recipes here !

Weeds edibles aren’t that common yet throughout the world so we also thought we’d start sharing all our thoughts and the questions we’ve had over the years on the subject.

If you want to share a recipe or ask a question about edibles, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How to Make your own Cannabutter (aka Marrakech Butter)

If you grow your own Cannabis or know someone who does, you know that after the harvest of smokable buds there’s a lot of plant material left over. Don’t throw this away! Although THC is too low to smoke, the psychoactive and medicinal properties can be extracted from it by using fat. This simple water and french coffee press method will enable extraction without the risk of overheating.

Chocolate Banana CBD Energy Balls

Energy balls are an all-time favorite snack of mine. They’re just convenient, easy to make, good tasting, highly nutritive and energizing, they’re the food that just keeps giving! Adding CBD to them is perfect for people who want to disguise the taste of cannabis. CBD oil isn’t necessarily very strong in taste and combined with strong ingredients such as banana, hazelnut and honey you can barely taste it!

Chocolate Space Cake Recipe

Looking for a delicious edibles recipe? This chocolate spacecake is super easy to make and we guarantee it will be loved by both beginner and accustomed users. Check out how to make a spacecake in just 5 steps by clicking on the link below.

8 easy Cannabis Recipes

Lana from Ask Growers shares with us 8 of her favorite, easiest, cannabis recipes. Everything from cookies to ice cream, including ice cream and the all time crowd pleaser : bacon ! Check them out below.

Space Cake with decarboxylated cannabis

Marijuana space cake is one of the most delicious and easy ways to consume marijuana. It is effortless to prepare and need to replace traditional cannabis oil and follow the usual recipe. Come discover Ella’s recipe for what she claims is the best space cake !

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