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CoronaVirus info : Most cannabis deliveries are not impacted by the Corona Virus. Any exceptions will be specified.

Last  updated : 5/23/2020 at 1:34PM EST

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Cannabis Seeds Store UK (aka The Vault)

CoronaVirus info :Spanish warehouse has been closed and working with a reduced stock of products.

– 2 Free seeds worth £25 with all orders
– Get 5 Free seeds if you pay by bank transfert or bitcoin
– Buy £50.00  worth get a 3 free custom seeds
– Buy £75.00  worth get a 4 free custom seeds
– Buy £100.00  worth get a 5 free custom seeds
– Buy £200.00  worth get a 15 free custom seed
– Get 1 free seed if you buy any Paradise Seed

Seed bank deals

Heavyweight Seeds

– Buy any 3 pack of  Heavyweight seeds and get 1 free seed
– Buy any 5 pack of Heavyweight Seeds and get 2 free seeds

– Buy any 10 pack of Heavyweight Seeds and get 3 free seeds
– Buy any feminized seed and get free Monster Profit seeds,
– Buy auto flowering seeds and get free Jackpot Auto seeds

Bomb Seeds

– Buy any 5 pack of Bomb Seeds and get 1 free seed
– Buy any 10 pack of Bomb Seeds and get 2 free seeds
– Buy any feminized seed and get free Banana Bomb feminized seed 
– Buy any autoflowering seed and get free Cosmic Bomb auto seed

Greenhouse Seeds Co.

– Buy any 3, 5 or 10 pack of Green House Seeds and get 1 free

Sensi Seeds

– Buy any 3 pack of Sensi seeds, get 1 FREE Sensi Seed
– Buy any 5 pack of Sensi seeds, get 2 FREE Sensi Seeds
– Buy any 10 pack of Sensi seeds, get 3 FREE Sensi Seeds

Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

– Buy ANY 5 pack and get a FREE seed


– Every pack of Seedsman Seeds purchased, The Vault will throw in 1 random Seedsman Seed for free!
– Double the freebies on all Seedsman seeds + get a free Gelat and OG Feminized seed!

Fastbuds Seeds

– Buy any 5 pack from Fastbuds and get a free Stardawg Auto
– Buy any 10 pack from Fastbuds and get 3 free Stardawg Autos

Paradise Seeds

– For every pack of Paradise Seeds and get a FREE random Paradise free!

Dinafem Seeds

– Get 1 Free White Widow XXL Autoflowering with every pack of Dinafem Seeds purchased!

Humboldt Seeds

– Get 1 Free Gorilla Breath Feminised Seed with every pack you buy


Discount codes

– Get 15% off all Heavyweight Seeds using discount code : Heavy15
– Get 15% off all Greenhouse Seed Co seeds using the discount code: GHSC15
– Get 15% off all Bomb Seeds using discount : codeBomb15
– Get 15% off all Seedsman Seeds using discount code : Seedsman15
– Get 15% off all FastBuds Seeds using the discount code : VAULT15
– Get 15% off all Paradise Seeds using discount code Paradise15 
– Get 15% off all Dinafem Seeds using discount code Dinafem15
– Get 15% off all Humboldt Seeds using the discount code Humboldt15

Marijuana Seeds NL

CoronaVirus info : We are currently receiving very high order volumes and due to the social distancing measures that we have put in place to protect our staff, we are currently delayed by approximately 3 – 4 days with dispatching orders. Also as different postal services around the world adopt restrictions we are experiencing some delays in items arriving outside of the EU. Please be patient with us during this difficult time, we are taking every possible measure to ship your order while keeping our staff safe, your order will still get to you, overall we are expecting that it will take an additional week (20-25 days in total) so please allow for this delay before contacting us regarding your order.

– 50% Off Amnesia Haze 
– 50% Off Blueberry
– 50% Off Jack Herer seeds
– 50% Off NYC Diesel Feminized
– 40% Off Girl Scout Cookies feminized seeds
– 40% Off Critical seeds
– 40% Off Hindu Kush seeds
– 40% Off Golden Nugget Feminized seeds
– From 15% to 30% off a wide variety of quality strains 

Once every 100year deal: 
– 20% OFF all products using the promo code MSNL420DEALS all month long !

Original Seeds Store

CoronaVirus info : Following new instructions from their government, Original Seeds Store is closed until further notice. You can however continue to place orders here : https://originalsensible.com/

– Special deals on Barneys Farm Seeds
– Special deals on Original Sensible Seeds
– Special deals on Pyramid Seeds
– Special deals on Sweet Seeds

– Clearance Sales – At least 50% off a select list of seeds to finish the stocks !

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