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6 Easy Steps to Follow to cure your buds​

Knowing how to cure weed is one of the most important parts of harvesting your plants. Completing the following 6 tips on how to cure your weed plants properly means your buds will have better odor qualities, higher potency and less harshness when they are used by consumers.

Tips on curing cannabis flowers - Table of content

The process of curing starts as soon as you are ready to cut down the plants. The first steps of drying the buds should take anywhere from 5-7 days depending on the level of humidity present. The outside of the bud should feel somewhat dry to the touch before they are trimmed but not completely brittle. Follow these steps for the best drying and curing cannabis.

Preparation for Curing Weed – Proper Drying and Trimming

After the plant is cut down it must be hung it upside down in a drying room. Choose drying the whole plant or separate branches depending on the time you have and the level of humidity. If your room is far from being dry and you need the weed to be dried a bit faster, you would cut the plant into smaller portions and dry them with a drying rack.

Fan will also help, the main rule is not to put hot airflow directly on the buds otherwise, some parts will dry too fast while our goal is to provide a slow and uniform process. After hanging the plants check their level of dryness daily.

  1. Around day 5 or 5+ the cannabis buds feel dry on the outside (if it happens faster than 5 days you dry the weed too fast), take them down, and remove all possible stalks and sticks. If the smaller buds pop off easily, it means your drying goes properly.
  2. Trim off the bigger fan leaves from the stalks.
  3. Trim buds so little leafy parts are removed and only buds remain. Don’t throw away trimmed off parts, they are a good fit making marijuana edibles (e.g. butter), or extracts.
  4. Now let’s jar the plants. The humidity of the jar must be between 60-65%, and when the buds go into the container temperature in the room should be 70°. Wide mouth mason jars of 32oz are the best containers: they should hold around 1oz of weed. Fill the glass jar 3/4 full so there is still some air at the top. How to cure weed if the buds are sticking together: just shake the jar gently to keep them apart and to circulate air, so the moist air evaporates completely.

How to cure weed properly

For the first two weeks check on the buds at least once per day and open the jars for half an hour so the air circulates around them. Humidity should be at 60-65%, you can check it with a hygrometer to ward off mold or mildew. When the lids are put back on, give the jar a slight shake to make sure there is no or clumping or moist spots.

How to control the process:

  1. If the weed feels damp you should take buds out of the jar and let them dry for a couple of hours
  2. If the buds are not moist but also not brittle, then the curing process goes properly,
  3. If buds get brittle or crumble, then moisture is too low, in this case leave the lids on a little longer. After two weeks of being in a cure zone buds don’t need to be checked that often.
  4. Your buds feel too dry? Start their rehydration carefully, especially when you use organic stuff like an orange peel – the risk of mold is too high. It makes sense to buy something designed specifically for rehydration.

After this process, your buds are ready for longer-term storage. If you stored them in a cure zone for a couple of weeks, the level of moisture should be good. You can cure the weed for as long as 6 months in your jars. After that time, any further effects on it will be minimal.

Benefits of Proper Drying and Curing Weed

  1. Breaks down the chlorophyll and enriches the smell and taste of the different strains;
  2. Unravels any subtle flavor or smell;
  3. Decreases the chance of unwanted side effects such as anxiety or paranoia for people using it;
  4. Lowers down the incidence of mold or bacteria which may appear while storing the buds;
  5. May increase the potency of the plant.

Final Thoughts

Taking the final steps of curing and drying lightly is a common mistake, so don’t ignore them or speed up the process. Proper drying and curing of cannabis makes sure your buds are high quality and have no mold or mildew that will spoil the final product. Don’t hurry if you want to have the smell, flavour and potency the best that they can be.

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