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Let’s Legalize Marijuana Together

What are the objectives of Free the Tree?

In our “roadmap” we’ve got many milestones but our main objectives are to :

  • Create a platform allowing people interested in the different uses of marijuana (recreational, textile&bio-materials, medicinal) to exchange, informe themselves and regroup for political actions.
  • Lobby in favor of legalization of marijuana, World Wide.
  • Allow growers to pick their strains easily.
  • Help growers around the world with common issues thanks to guides, reviews, grow reports and indoor growing tips.
  • Improve the visibility of Medical Marijuana usages
  • Invest in divers applications of Hemp (from biodegradable plastic to the cereal and fiber)

Why Join Free the Tree?

The only way we will reach our goals is to band together, communicate and act as a group as well as individuals.
On a local level the actions will be more on an individual/small group basis, nationally and internationally we will act in a coordinated way.
If you join we’ll roll out the plan that we’ve been working on so that you can give us your input.

By banning together and regrouping our ressources we’re convinced that within the next 2 to 5 years we can change the perception of all uses of Marijuana within the western world.
This is only achievable together.

How can I help?

The short answer is how-ever you feel like helping 🙂 Just send us your contact info and we’ll get in touch.
That said, here’s what we’re currently working on:


As we said further up on this page, the first step to everything is write content on the 3 following subjects
  1. Medical Marijuana
Group together the different uses, on going research and experiences. The idea here is to help people that are trying to inform themselves to have a place to find it. It would also be awesome if people that haven’t thought of medical marijuana started being curious after interacting with our site. The longer term idea is to increase global visibility of research, researchers and patients in order for to be able to bring change faster.
  1.  Indoor Growing tips
You have some experience with indoor growing? Surely you’ve learned a lot along the road, share that knowledge for the rest of the growing community! 🙂 We’ll set up an account for you, teach you SEO basics (and more if you want) and you can start sharing!
  1. Grow Reports
Grow reports are awesome, whether it’s following them or finding one long after it was published it’s always a pleasure to see marijuana grow pictures, so don’t keep your grows to yourself, come and share them!
  1. History of Marijuana
On and off for the past month and a half we’ve started grouping together all the different findings and uses of Cannabis throughout history. If you’re a history buff and enjoying smoking a J, this project could be a perfect combination of both 😉
  1. Anything you want to write about

UX and Graphics

You’re more a designer than a writer? No problem we also need your help! 🙂
Whether its for our regularly updated stickers, the logo, the up and coming clothing line, graphics on the website, there’s work to be done 


Our current team is awesome and going forward on the first project, the Price&Product Comparison Website, but in time we’ll need help, especially for the decentralized community platform


If order to be able to reach as many people as possible the content needs to be accessible in as many languages as possible.
If you’ve got a good handle on multiple languages and you feel like contributing, please do!

Next planned languages are Spanish then French; but that’s only related to the fact that currently we only have English, Spanish and French speakers.

Support, Share, give feedback, …

If nothing here really kicks you here but you still want to join common over! We’ll need moral support along the ride (as well as help echoing the message ^^)

Something in mind we didn’t mention? Or thinking “there’s nothing for me”?

Just send us a message 😉
For the moment we’re still setting things up but within the next couple months the communities “Citizen Lobbying” platform will be up and running!


Contribute to the shared knowledge base

Share your personal tips, experiences, videos to help the community

Contribute to the shared knowledge base