Day 0-4: Germination and sprouting

Day 0 the sprout is shedding its seed shell and standing up

You can barely see the first soil be broken by the sprout

Since this summer was pretty hot we couldn’t launch a production during a couple months, so we figured it was the opportunity to try out some auto-flowering seeds!

Here’s the batch of Dinafem‘s seeds we decided to go with:

  • 5 Fruit Auto-Flowering seeds
  • 2 Critical + 2.0 Auto-Flowering seeds

The cycle should be of about 2 months until harvest, so it’s going to be a pretty quick one!
Unfortunately one of the Fruit seeds didn’t germinate, so we’re down to 6 plants.

Appart from that loss there’s also been a couple issues with the sprouts starting ~day 3/4.
So here we go with a little storytelling of the first few days went.

Looking for info on Germination of the seeds?

Day 0: Breaking ground

When I planted the seeds the roots were actually pretty long, some up to 1cm, so it only took the seeds about 2/3 days to break ground which was pretty cool.

Last time I had done it prematurely and it took aver 10 days for some!

Don’t miss this moment it’s pretty awesome to follow each step of the process.
Here’s a couple pictures I took this round, during day 0 and day 1 (they grow so fast!)

Day 0 : Cannabis sprout just breaking the soil  Image of a plant that just broke ground   First day after breaking ground, standing with the seed shell

Day 2: The First Stretch

Within 2 days (day 3/4), these little one’s took a couple centimetres. You’d think that’s a good thing, but in the end not really..
Taking so much high creates 2 issues:

  1. It’s not concentrating it’s energy on producing leaf mass, that will in turn increase the production of energy through photosynthesis.
  2. Once the leaf mass will grow, the plants will get top heavy and tip over.

I figured out the reason though.. my lamp was way to weak and far out. If you’re not already using the grow lamp at this stage, get the lamp at about 50cm from the Apex.

Balances issues showing up on Cannabis plant Horizontale view of the marijuana's balance issues short terme solution

How to deal with balance issues of a Marijuana plant?

  1. Take a straight stick or pencil to help the plan stand straight.
  2. Plan it in the soil in a manner that supports your plant.
    Be careful not to break any of those first roots!
  3. If you’re in my situation, get more light to the plants, so that they stop growing in height and start growing leaf mass.
    You can either get the light closer, get a light bulb that emmits more lumens or get a strong light source

Having issues we didn’t cover here? Check out our comprehensive guide on Marijuana’s life cycle! We cover many different daily issues there

That’s all for this one folk’s, see you in a couple days!

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