Grow Report Week 12 | Trichomes, Uneven Canopy and Beautiful Buds

flowers starting to become big buds

Hey there and welcome our weekly grow report!
Here we are in the 5th week of the flowering stage and it hasn’t been much of a smooth road ^^
That said, these babies are still looking pretty nicely, their smell is getting stronger and stronger and seeping into the rest of the house.

This week was actually a pretty smooth one and we were able to get some preeeetty awesome pics hehe, lets get into it πŸ˜‰

Trichomes fully formed

We’ve bee keeping a pretty regular eye on the trichomes all over the different plants and we’re pleased to see that they’re now globally all fully formed, still mostly clear no the THC production hasn’t started yet but things are looking nice πŸ™‚
Here’s a couple pics, as always you can click on them to see the full version

Marijuana flower with trichomes all over the pistils and leaves

Flower full of trichomes

close up on pistil and trichomes

Close up on Pistils and flower trichomes

Close up on fully developed clear trichomes

Close up on Pistils and flower trichomes

Aren’t these little things just beautiful? πŸ™‚ In the picture all the way to the right you can see there full form and color, stem and the clear balled tip; those little guys will be full of THC soon enough hehe

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Uneven Canopy

We’ve been saying over the past couple grow reports that a couple of our buds were too tall, especially the Cheese and, consequentially, the Blue Kush; WeΒ finally got some pics that really illustrate this disparity!

Very bid size difference between different strains

Huge Size difference

2 Plants much taller than the rest of the canopy

Big Buddha cheese side pretty even

Big Buddha Cheese side is pretty even

Now keep in mind that cheese plant has been supercropped, she’s actually much taller than the Blue Thai next to her.

You can also see the Apex of the Blue Thai is suffering, looking all flat. I think it’s too hot for her so close to the hood so we decided to lift the right hand side of the hood as well as get the extraction hose near her in order to extract the heat right there.
Hopefully this will solve the issue..

Weed Buds developing nicely

This week the flowers have grown well, especially the Big Buddha Cheese.
As you can see in the images below Blue Thai is still between the buddlets to the flower, while the Big Buddha cheese is further along with long buds.

Blue Thai flowering

2 Blue Thai Buds developing

Big Buddha Cheese bud week 5 of flowering

Big Buddha Cheese flowers and trichomes growing

Main Apex of BBC developing well

Main Big Buddha Cheese full of flowers

I think we’ll need to need to start flushing the Big Buddha Cheese a while before the other plants, which isn’t ideal since we’ve installed an automatic watering system.. We’re going to have to personalize it and set up switches in order to water the BBC separately.

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