Week 15 | Calcium Deficiency, Harvesting First Buds & Seed Germination

5 Strains during the 8th week of the flowering period

Hi there and welcome to the 8th week of the flowering stage!
Sorry for being late posting the grow reports, we’ve been working hard on getting the Strain&Seed comparison tool up and running 🙂 We’re still working on the styling and getting many more stores, strains and characteristics but soon enough it’ll be awesome ^^

I’m getting off topic here, this past week a lot has been going on in the grow room. The smell is just crazy (my neighbors started to complain…), the buds are getting thicker and thicker, just looking beautiful. We’ll also get into the topping of Cheese plant and harvest a BBC bud.
On the negative aspects, we’re still manually hunting thrips manually, which is oh so fun… and the Calcium deficiency is still spreading a little, which was expected.

This week we also decided to germinated 4 seeds for the next batch. Their seedling stage will overlap with the flowering stage of our other buds allowing us to save about 3 weeks time.
Next round we’ll be growing 3 Blue Kush’s and 1 Critical + plant

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Calcium Deficiency still Spreading

We’ve been treating the plant for a little under 10 weeks now and as you can see on the image on the right, the deficiency is still spreading.

Since Calcium is an immobile nutrient it depends on the plants transpiration is order to move around. Within the next couple days the spreading should stop.
This deficiency definitely gave the plant a hard hit leaf mass wise..

Over here to learn more about Calcium Deficiency
Brown spots showing up on the leaves

Topping the Cheese’s Apex Bud

If you’ve been following this grow then you’re aware that our cheese plant’s stretch was pretty massive and we’ve had to deal with a very un-even canopy ever since.

Although we had super-cropped the Apex, the plant was still was still waaaay to tall and shading the two on each side, and now that the trichomes are starting to be nice we decided to go ahead and top the Apex.
It could of definitely grown more, and denser, but now all the buds underneath have direct access to light AND she isn’t shading as much the Blue Kush and the Blue Thai

Apex Flower of cheese

Cheese before being Topped

After cutting Apex bud of cheese plant

Cheese after being Topped

Cheese bud harvest and pruned, ready to dry

Nugget harvest and Pruned, ready to be dried & cured

I won’t lie, it did kind of hurt to chop down this bud, especially since the Apex generally’s the best bud on the plant ^^
It’ll give us an early taste of this cheese, although it isn’t ready.. Here’s what her trichomes looked like

milky trichomes under the miroscope

Mostly Milky Trichomes of the Cheese Strain

milky trichomes of the Cheese cannabis strain

Trichomes under the Scope

Harvesting the First Big Buddha Cheese Bud

Our 2 big buddha cheese plants are really massive and it’s difficult for us to really be able to see the trichomes. Normally within 55-60 days of flowering she’s ready and were nearing the 60th day now.
With all the deficiencies they’ve had we’re pretty sure that they’re no where near ready but we still decided to go ahead and harvest a bud.

We chose one that’s near the Blue Thaï, compressing her and not giving much room to breath. This move will at least have the benefit of giving a little more room for her.

Big Buddha Cheese 8th week of flowering stage

8th week Harvested bud

Small BBC Flower harvested

BBC trichomes on the pistils

Trichomes all over the Pistils

Trichomes on the leaves of marijuana

Trichomes on the leaves

Buds Fattening Up

During the past couple weeks the buds have been getting fatter and fatter, the pistils keep growing, the smell is getting extremely strong and really they’re looking awesome 🙂

Looking at the small bud further up as well as the others, I think that we’re about 2 weeks out in order to harvest the Cheese and the Big Buddha Cheese and maybe a week more for the Blue Kush and Thai. With this in mind we’ve decided to start flushing the plants little by little.
For the next watering or two we’ll reduce the amount of nutrients (except for the Calcium), then just give them pure water (still keeping the molasses though)

Here’s a couple picture of them at the end of the week

Cheese flower thickening up

Cheese Buds fattening after topping

Big Buddha cheese colas doubled in size

Horizontal view of Big Buddha Cheese multiple Cola’s

Close up on big buddha cheese flower

Close up on BBC flower developing

Germinating the Next Seeds

Since there’s about 2/3 weeks left in the flowering stage of the current grow we decided to go ahead and start the germination of next round in order to save some time.
Since plants don’t need that much light during the seedling stage, we’ll keep them under a side light for the first couple weeks, until we harvest this round.

Seeds germinating in paper towel

Kush and Critical Seeds Germinating

4 seeds with tap root breaking out of the shell

Tap root breaking the seed shell

Germinated seeds planted in organic pot

4 Germinated Seeds planted into medium

We decided to germinate 3 Blue Kush’s and 1 Critical+.
We’re going to do a quick round with those, do a LST and try to get some little fat bonsai’s for that round 🙂

Alright folks that’s it for this week.
Until next time, Be safe and grow easy!

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