Grow Report Week 17 | First Cola Harvest, Blue Kush going Purple and Ripening Buds

Marijuana flowers fully blossoming, close to harvest time

Hey there and welcome to this weeks grow report!
The end is near πŸ™‚ This week was pretty cool, we harvested our first Big Buddha Cheese bud, the Blue Kush started to put her purple dress on, and globally the buds are getting preeeetty close to being ready for harvest.
Let’s get into it

Harvesting the first BBC Cola

Since the Big Buddha plants are pretty far back it’s been hard for us to monitor the trichome situation. We’ve cut off little sections of the flowers to look at is closer, but to be honest it’s hard to get a full picture and we can’t do it too often.
As much as we’ve seen the trichomes were milky all around with some amber ones coming in, in order to get our mind set we cut down the bud closest to the Blue Kush. Best case scenario, it’s perfect timing and we go for a full harvest, worst case it’s a little early but our Blue Kush has more room to breath and the Thrips can’t move around as easy. Basically, win win ^^

30cm marijuana bud before pruning

Freshly Harvested Ganja Flower

All leaves removed from the weed flower

Leaves are pruned off, Bud is ready to go dry

Trichomes ranging from clear to amber

Trichomes on the Buds – Mostly Milky but some are still clear, others going amber.

Nice bud isn’t it? πŸ™‚ But as you can see in the trichomes it’s still a little early to go ahead with a full harvest, a lot of the trichomes are still clear. We’ll go ahead and wait a couple more days before harvesting all the other BBC Cola’s

Thrips all over the harvested bud

Since we have a known problem with Thrips during this grow we decided to go ahead and shake the bud to see if any thrips would fall, and fall they did..
We probably killed 4/5 adults and a bunch of larvae’s crawling around. I really hope they won’t damage the buds while drying.

adult thrips trying to fly away

Adult Thrips spreading its wings

Blue Kush’s Foliage turning Purple

During this week the Blue Kush totally transformed, I really didn’t think it would go this fast. At the beginning of the week the first leaves started to show purplish colors and just a couple days later there she was with a (near) total purple foliage, a beauty.
Here’s some pictures of the evolution, as always click on them to get the full view

leaf starting to show purple colors

First Purple colors starting to show

Foliage almost fully purple

Purple color growing on the foliage

All leaves are totally purple, beautiful dress

Foliage totally turned purple

Getting the Buds Standing Up

A couple of our buds were falling over due to the weight of their own flowers. The main problem with this is that the leaves aren’t getting the maximum amount of light and she’s leaning over onto her neighbor. We had to get a little crafty in order to get her back and standing by tying a (very) lose knot on the leaf stem.
It’s important not to tie it tight, we need the plant to be able to pass the sugars back down for use ^^

Bud falling over due to the weight of the flower

DIY way to get bud standing up

Loose knot made around leaf stem to keep the bud standing

bud standing upright

Bud standing up and not bothering her neighbor anymore

Buds Ripening Up

Be aware, the picture need to be seen with weed available around you haha.
On a more serious note, by the end of the week these buds have gotten unbelievably nice, the smell is overwhelming, we’re constantly wearing a “marijuana perfume” on our clothes, it’s crazy. Can’t wait to taste these babies πŸ˜€

Calcium deficiency impacting marijuana cola

Main BBC Cola – Real fat but the Calcium deficiency makes a weird looking Apex

3 Foot Cheese plant with fat buds

mostly cheese and big buddha cheese colas close to harvest

In the middle of the colas jungle :p

Aren’t they beauties? I really which I could pass on the smell to you, it’s mind-blowing haha. We’ve had to take strong counter-measures since our neighbors were getting the smell all the way to their houses. IΒ  think it’s the cheese’s stanky smell that is to taking and pungent.

Next round of seedling chillin

The 3 Blue Kush and Critical seeds that we germinated last week all survived and are now nice little seedlings πŸ™‚ We’ve got them under a small ~80W light since they don’t need much at this stage, most of the activity is going on under-ground with all that root growth.

4 seedlings growing

Main BBC Cola – Real fat but the Calcium deficiency makes a weird looking Apex

seedlings going for the third stage of leaves

3 Foot Cheese plant with fat buds

Although we still have a little time, I think we germinated these little ones a little too early, we’re close to harvest but, in the best of worlds, these little ones might need to get in there sooner than possible.. We’ll see how it goes.

Alright folks that’s it for this one!Β Next week we’ll most likely be harvesting most of the buds πŸ™‚
Until then, be safe and grow easy!

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