How to make Your Own Cannabutter (aka Marrakech Butter) ?

Use your Leaves & Stems to make some Cannabutter 

Cannabutter to be used for edibles

Hey everyone! As promised for my second article on the communities site i’m going to share my little recipe for Cannabutter, originally known as Marrakech Butter.
I’ll give you the list of what I use and detail each step to make it as easy as possible but don’t hesitate to send us a message if anything isn’t clear 😉
If you want to skip straight to a preparation step, here a link to each

Making Cannabutter in 5 Steps 

Ingredients Needed for Cannabutter

There’s gold in that trash. If you grow your own Cannabis or know someone who does, you know that after the harvest of smokable buds there’s a lot of plant material left over. Don’t throw this away! Although THC is too low to smoke, the psychoactive and medicinal properties can be extracted from it by using fat. This simple water and french coffee press method will enable extraction without the risk of overheating

6 Ingredients&Tools needed for Marrakech Butter

  1. About 50-70grams of trim, or ‘trash’.
    Trash is everything you’re left with after trimming the plant, except the large stems: the leaves, small stems, popcorn buds, etc. Don’t throw this away! Trash contains up to 25% of the THC in the plant. Dry trash can be crumbled very finely for ease of extraction of the medicine in the plant. Alternately, you can freeze it for easy crumbling.
  2. 250+175g (1 1/2 blocks) of butter.
    Use normal, high fat butter. ‘Reduced fat’ and ‘light’ butters won’t work as well. Vegans can use the same amount in coconut oil. Basically, you want a fat that will solidify when it cools down.
  3. A large cafetiere or French-press coffee maker, preferably one that holds 1litre.
  4. Large strainer
  5. Large ~medium pot (5 liters)
  6. Receptacle  (3 liter pot for example)
Only 6 tools needed to make cannabutter

Estimated Preparation Time : At least 12 Hours

5 easy Steps to make your Homemade Cannabutter

Now let’s into the nitty-gritty, the 5 Step recipe to make your Marrakech butter. Now if you just got scare of that “12 hours” preparation time don’t worry! There a bunch of resting time counted 😉

Step 1 – Extracting the Cannabinoids (THC/CBD/…) from leaves

  1. Fill the large pot (5) two-thirds full of water, add trash and 250g of butter (leave the rest of the butter for later).
  2. Turn on heat -medium to low- and simmer while stirring as much as you can.
  3. Leave the pot should be left to simmer for at least 4 hours and up to 24 hours. The more you wait, the more Cannabinoids are extracted.

Cooking Info: The water level should be maintained to at least half the pot, so water can be added.  However, when nearing completion of the simmering process, let the water boil down to under 1 liter (so it will all fit in the coffee press).

butter slowly melting in the harvest trash (stems&leaves)

Butter just added into the mix

Step 2 – Separating the liquids and solids

While still hot, empty the contents of the pot into the coffee press. Press down to separate the plant material from the water/butter. You’ll have to press down hard in order to get as much of the fat separated from the plant material. Pour the hot water/fat liquid into the smaller 3 liter pot.

Mix in the coffee press in order to extract all the stems and leaves

Extract the liquids, leave the stems behind (but don’t throw them out yet)

Liquid cannabutter in pot separated from stems&leaves

Mix poured out of the coffee press and into a pot

Step 3 – Re-extracting the THC from the leftover ganja trash (Optional)

With the rest of the butter, repeat steps 1 and 2, but the simmering time could be only an hour or so. This is to make sure you get as much of the THC absorbed butter can be extracted. There will inevitably be some left in the plant material, but by repeating the simmering process with a little more butter will dilute what’s left behind.

Step 4 – Let the mix Cool Down

Now you have your smaller pot with hot water and butter at the top. Let cool, then place in the fridge so the butter solidifies.

Step 5 – Separate the water from the Butter

Once the butter has solidified, you can strain it and throw away the water (don’t worry, all the THC is in the fat, not water)

Hardened Mix after cooling o

Mix after Cooling – Cannabutter ready to be extracted from the water

Homemade Cannabutter ready to be used for edibles or eaten fresh!

You now have Cannabutter, which can be used to bake edibles of your choosing. With this method and amount of trash, I can make 30~40 cookies. The butter itself can be frozen, and so can the cookies for storing and can keep for months.

Always test your edibles first to see how strong they are! The most common mistake with edibles is over/under dosing. Have half a portion on an empty stomach, and wait at least an an hour and a half before taking more.

Marrakech butter ready to be consumed or cooked

Mix after Cooling – Cannabutter ready to be extracted from the water

And that’s it!
Hope this recipe helped you out and send us some photos of your own 🙂 or questions if something was missing, we will update the content as fast as possible

Making Cannabutter – Couple Videos

In case you need a little more info on how to make cannabutter we’ve found the 2 following videos that show each step pretty well. Good cookin’ 🙂

Until next time,
Be safe and grow easy 😉

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