Grow Report n°4 – New Strain, Natural Predators and Vegetative growth

Laughing buddha, critical+ and blue thai in grow room

Hey there and welcome (back) !
Much has happened since the last grow report, from dealing with our fungus gnat infestation to germinating a new little strain, we had a lot of fun 🙂 Let’s get right into it

Grow Report n°4 – Table of Content

Nematodes vs Fungus Gnats – Get eeeem!

This week we finally got the Nematodes, these little worms are a natural predator for Fungus Gnats eggs and larvae, perfect to go hunt and kill these suckers and protect our babies root system 🙂 

We’ll do a full article on fungus gnats shortly, but basically the nematodes enter the larvae or eggs and develop in there, feeding on the insides of the fungus gnat.
Within a couple days, the effected larvae is dead hehe.

On top of that, nematodes keep the soil healthy, eating through the soil and adding nutrients to it, so it’s also a long term investment.

Nematodes in soil (jammin’ to the black eyed peas)

Phytoseiulus Persimilis protecting our plants

If you’ve followed our previous grows, you’re aware that we’ve had some intense battles against spidermites and thrips. 
We’re sure that there’s eggs left, just waiting for the right weather to hatch and start back up this infestation (yeah these suckers can hibernate for months).

With that in mind, we decided to go ahead and get some phytoseiulus persimilis in order to introduce them to near our vulnerable plants. 
Hopefully, this year will be one without spidermites!

Phytoseiulus persimilis on strawberry leaf

Phytoseiulus persimilis hunting Spidermite – Credit to Kopper Biological Systems

Sex Bud Germinating

Sooooo exited about this, here’s our first full sativa, the SexBud by Female Seeds. Her parents are the C99 and White Grapefruit, giving a fast flowering sativa (8/9 weeks), with a stimulating, creative and energetic social high. Can’t waiiiiit to see her grow.

Sexbud seed germinated in paper tower

Seed germinating in paper towel

Germinated seed going into soil

Germinated seed going into the soil

She germinated within 24 hours, although we left her in the paper towel a big longer in order to let the tap root grow a bit. 
As we speak the cotyledons have opened up and the first fan leaves are starting to show hehe

Topping the Laughing Buddha

This baby has been growing so nicely, originally we were scared she would get top heavy, but nope, she grew a nice stem and is now growing faast!

Although we’re not sure that we’re going to scrog this round wedecided to top this baby in order to get multiple Apex’s. From there we will make a cutting off one of them for a mother plant, than get this beauty to flower 🙂

Plant before cutting off the Apex

Laughing Buddha before being topped

Apex freshly cut off

Blue Thai showing problems

For the past week the blue thai is showing issues. We though it was linked to the fast that she was still in a small pot, but the leaves are still turning yellow..
We’re hesitating on a nutrient or light burn situation.. To be safe, we flushed the soil and lifted a bit the light.. hopefully the situation will improve

Leaves turning yellow, showing signs of deficiency

Leaves starting to turn yellow

Plant losing fan leaves due to deficiency

Issue is spreading

Curing the Blue Kush

Sooo we didn’t share this grow on here (too busy on the citizen lobbying tool crowdfunding at that time), but we just couldn’t resist sharing this little beauty

blue kush fully purple, close to harvest

Blue Kush – Ending her flowering stage

Flowers in a container in order to cure it

Dried flowers curing it a container

Little seed within one of a blush kush flower

She gave a seeeeeeed!

We harvest her couple weeks ago, she’s now curing and soon ready to be smoke hehehe 🙂
Honestly we didn’t even weigh the final yield, as a g*d d**n spidermite attack impacted strongly her development around the middle of the flowering stage… 

That said, isn’t she beautiful? 

Alright folk that’s it for this one! Until next week,
Be safe and grow easy!

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