Grow Report Week 16 | Purple Leaves, Massive amount of Trichomes and Flower development

Marijuana flowers at the 9th week of the flowering period

Hi there and welcome to this weeks grow report!
This week was pretty chill, trichomes and flowers keep developing, the Blue Kush started showing her beautiful blue/purple colors and the smell is oh so beautiful, I wish there was a way you could smell them.

We’re still hunting Thrips, adults and larvae’s, on a daily basis. At the end of this round we’re cleaning everything with Clorox and changing all our soil. Those suckers are so persistent once the plants get big it’s horrible.

Trichomes growing like crazy

For the past couple weeks trichomes have been growing but during this week this ramped up strongly.
As you can see in the images the buds are covered with them, especially on the Blue Kush flower.

Clear and Milky Trichomes on Cheese strain pistils

Cheese Strain Clear & Milky Trichomes

blue kush leaves covered with trichomes

Kush covered with trichomes

Clear trichomes all over blue kush

Clear trichomes all over the pistils

Learn More about Trichomes Development

Blue Kush Leaves turning Blue/Purple

The Blue Kush, from Dinafem, can turn a blue/purplish color during the flowering stage if there’s 10°C difference between day and night temperatures, and this time we have them! 🙂

As you can see in the image on the right the fan leaves have started to turn purple little by little. I really can’t wait for her to fully develop her purple dress.

Leaves Turning Purple

All Strain Buds Fattening Strongly

We started saying this last week, but just like the trichomes the growth of the buds has really rapped up strongly.
Whether it’s the Cheese buds thickening strongly or the Big Buddha Cheese buds, the buds have probably taken about 10% in size since last week!

Buds of the topped cheese plant getting huge

Cheese buds fattening up

At least 30 cm long bud

Largest Big Buddha Cheese bud over 30cm long

BBC pistils making flower bigger and bigger

BBC pistils growing making the Bud bigger and bigger

On the other had, the Blue Thai’s buds are really small. Looking at the trichomes, since they’re all still fully clear, the plant seems far from ready to be harvested to there’s hope for them to increase strongly… We’re not really counting on it but fingers crossed.

That said, as you can see in the image on the right hand side, they’re covered in trichomes. We’re really hoping these buds are going to get much bigger than they are currently.

small bud but covered in trichomes

First set of leaves growing on Seedlings

As we said in last weeks post we planted 4 seeds for our next round and honestly they’ve been growing pretty nicely. We set them in a little corner under a light, with 2 pieces of paper on each side acting as reflectors.

As you can see the plants seem to be liking it pretty well, the first set of leaves have grown and the second stage is coming in 🙂

Thanks to this we’ll have saved about 3 weeks of early vegetative stage.

4 seedlings growing the first set of leaves

Next round of Seedling Growing

Alright folks that’s it for this week.
Until next time, Be safe and grow easy!

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