Week 4 | Last Transplantation and Thrips Return

Top view of the 5 weed plants in the vegetative stage

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This week we finally got enough soil to transplant the Blue Kush plant which started showing some Phosphorous issues which got us a little worried. 
Apart from that we also finally received the Neem Oil to start application on the plants and get rid of these nasty little Thrips; Let’s get into it.

Blue Kush Phosphorous issues and Transplantation

We had definitely waited way too long to transplant this little one, the roots started coming out the bottom of the pot, the veins of the leaves were turning purple, safe for the underside…
She also had totally stopped growing which really had us worried. He’s some images, but before that check out our article on transplanting a weed plant if you want to know more.

Blue Kush Phosphorous issues

So this was the first time it had ever happened to us, the plant had stopped growing, the veins and the bottom side of the leaves were turning purple. 
Here’s a couple pics, as always you can click on them to get the full view.

Signs of phosphorous issues on weed leaf

Leaf turning Purple – Signs of Phosphorous issues.

Main leaf Vein turning purple

Main vein turning Purple and stopped growth.

Weed plant starting to grow back

Growth starting back up after Transplantation.

Transplanting our Blue Kush

We definitely waited waaaay to long to transplant this little one. The main reason why was that I didn’t have enough soil so really couldn’t..

Compressed roots starting to sick out of bottom pot holes

Roots starting to stick out of the bottom of the pot.

Compressed roots at the bottom of soil

Well developed root system of the Blue Kush

Half way through the blue kush transplantation

Well developed root system of the Blue Kush

As you can see with in those 2 first pictures the roots were definitely blocked and compressed, which easily explained why the plant had stopped growing and the Phosphorous issues. 
Since the roots of the plant is her only way to get nutrients from the soil to the top of the plant, by having them so compressed there was no way she could develop well. 
During the couple days following the transplantation she started showing signs of growth right away which definitely reassured us.

Thrips Treatment continuing

During this week we’ve been spraying the plants about 15 minutes before lights out every other day. The objective of this is to kill any survivors or newly hatched Thrips that could start the infestation back up.

Since the first treatment we’ve only seen 1 larvae on the plants so it seems to be working pretty good. Really hoping that this is the end of this infestation, but just to be sure we’ll be spraying neem oil every couple days for the next 10 days. 

We grouped together all the info on how to kill Thrips over here if you want to know more.

Organic Neem Oil used to kill Thrips

Bottle of Organic Neem Oil

5 Plants at the end of 4th week

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