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Big Buddha cheese colas doubled in size

Welcome to Free The Tree : Marijuana’s International Indoor Growing Community!

Cruise around our Indoor Growing Tips, check out our weekly grow posts or grow reviews and join us to write up your own section! 

Looking for seeds? Check out our  seeds section where you can compare strain characteristics as well as prices between merchant & seed banks. This simple tool will enable you to easily find the best seeds out there for the cheapest price.

Want to Legalize Cannabis in your Country?

We’re also working on a community tool which will allow us to organise and lobby in favor of Marijuana Legalization everywhere, join us!

This tool will allow us to regroup, organise and pressure our elected officials into legalizing. The official launch is set to be on 4/20/2019 ! 

Citizen Lobbying Tool Launch in


Indoor Growing you say? Here’s all our tips

We’ve been gathering a lot of information along the way, so we figured we’d group it up and share it with you guys!

The lifecycle of Cannabis

What to do at each stage? Get all the tips and tricks we’ve gathered step by step.

The different types of indoor culture

Wondering what the difference between SOG, SCROG and One Bud are? Get all your answers

Check out all our Indoor Growing Tips

Guides and Reviews of Marijuana Strains

Here you can find reviews of some strains that we have prepared for our fellow growers

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Grow Report

Nice trimmed buds after the harvest

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Review

Focus on the best Fruit strain weed of the 6

Blue Thai Review

Blue Thai during the late flowering stage

Big Buddha Cheese Guide

Big Buddha cheese scrog well in the vegetative stage

Big Buddha Cheese Grow Report

Big Buddha Cheese vegetative stage

Our Grow Journals

Big Buddha Cheese, Blue Kush, Blue Critical+ 2.0 Auto and Fruit Autoflowering Grow Reports

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Compare Marijuana Strains and Seed Prices!

We've just rolled out the beta version of our Strain comparison, Check it out now! Here's how it works:

  1. Pick your strains
  2. Click on "compare seeds" on the right
  3. A comparison table will open with all the data 😉
    (we're currently working on the style & adding more data)
  4. Go on the Seeds page and compare prices between seed Banks & Sellers

Cruise through over 2500 Strains


Shit Seeds

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Our Trusted Seed Banks and Sellers

Join The Community!

Our goal is to create a platform that will organize the movement towards legalization of Marijuana worldwide and the only way to achieve this goal is together.
If this speaks to you join us! Lets bring Cannabis back to its rightful place(s) is Human Society


Our previous Grow Reports

Here you can find all our previous grow reports, from our first grow ever (the beautiful BBC) to the previous grow, passing by making rooting cuttings and testing out autoflowering seeds 😉