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Big Buddha cheese colas doubled in size
Different marijuana strains growing
Big Buddha cheese colas doubled in size
Different marijuana strains growing

For a long time now Cannabis has been simplified and depicted as the “lazy’s drug” where as it’s uses span from the pleasurable recreational consumption to industrial, medical and nutritious uses.
Our goal on Free the Tree is to gather as much knowledge about Cannabis as possible. We decide to start with it’s botanical aspects as this is the basis for it all, without knowing the plant hard to really understand it’s potential.

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Legalize it !

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Learn how to grow cannabis

The basics of indoor growing

Just starting off with your plantation? Here’s 4 articles that cover some basic things that you need to know while starting off 

grow room with ventilation and lighting ready to start growing

How to set up your grow room

The 12 main nutrients necessary for marijuana and their pH level availability

Nutrients needed for Marijuana

using water sprayer to hydrate the soil

How to water your plants


Roots of marijuana overgrown, late transplant in this case

Transplanting Cannabis

The Life cycle of Cannabis – From seed germination to harvesting the buds

Follow the development of any plant is generally exiting, cannabis is definitely not an exception to that rule. Within a couple months you can go from a little taproot breaking the shell to a plant full of flowers, couple feet tall and full of terpenes and cannabinoids.
We’ve gathered this growth in a series of 4 articles that cover each cycle, couple tips along the way too!

Cannabis Plant – Some things you should probably know

Whether it’s the different marijuana “families”, the ways weed responds to light cycle (aka photo-periods), germinating a seed or dealing with trichomes, we’ve grouped together some articles that go over things that will help you out during your grows 

size and bushiness of Sativa, indica and ruderalis strains

The different strains of Cannabis

Night time vs day time hours

What are photo-periods ?

Organic Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus nutrient mixes

Mobile & immobile nutrients

Diagram showing the relative humidity at each stage of Marijuana's life

Different humidity levels needed

Table showing Lumens levels depending on the distance from the light bulb

Impact of light intensity on the plants

Image of a plant that just broke ground

How to germinate a seed

critical+ cuttings in a box to keep humidity

How to clone a cannabis strain

milky and amber trichomes, most strains are good to harvest now

What are trichomes?

Grow reports and reviews

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Grow Report

Nice trimmed buds after the harvest

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Review

Focus on the best Fruit strain weed of the 6

Blue Thai Review

Blue Thai during the late flowering stage

Big Buddha Cheese Guide

Big Buddha cheese scrog well in the vegetative stage

Big Buddha Cheese Grow Report

Big Buddha Cheese vegetative stage

Laughing Buddha Grow Report

4 main branches in a diamond formation

Indoor Grow Journal

This time around we’re running a couple of test, as well as some of our fav’s 🙂 We’ve got a Laughing buddha, Critical+, Blue thaï flowering and a Big Buddha Cheese, SexBud vegetating, going to be a fun round!

Cannabis Comparison tool

Compare strain characteristics & Seed prices

Cannabis Strain Comparison tool

We’ve been working on a tool to help marijuana growers choose between the thousands of weed strains that are out there. In a couple clics you can compare the strains characteristics, prices between sellers and be sure to get the best strain for you at a good price

Compare Indica Strains

Indica strains

Compare Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains

Compare Sativa Strains

Sativa strains

Our Trusted Seed Banks and Sellers

Free the Tree Organisation

Ready to legalize it worldwide ?!

Our demands

Cannabis is to be legalized under all its forms and uses


Governmental revenues are to be used to improve the quality of life of the people

Medical applications already known and used need to be available to all people

Local business’s should receive help to enter and take place in the industry

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Our goal is to create a platform that will organize the movement towards legalization of Marijuana worldwide and the only way to achieve this goal is together.
If this speaks to you join us! Lets bring Cannabis back to its rightful place(s) is Human Society