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For a long time now Cannabis has been simplified and depicted as the “lazy’s drug” despite the fact that its uses can span from the pleasurable recreational consumption to industrial, medical and nutritious purposes.
Our goal on Free the Tree is to gather as much knowledge about Cannabis as possible. We decided to start with its botanical aspects as this is the basis for it all, without knowing the plant, hard to really understand its potential.

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Learn how to grow cannabis

The basics of indoor growing

Just starting off with your plantation? Here’s 4 articles that cover some basic things that you need to know while starting off 

tips on how to set up your indoor grow room

How to set up your grow room

Macro and micro nutrients needed for a healthy cannabis plant

Nutrients needed for Marijuana

Watering soil slowly with a water sprayer

How to water your plants

transplanting plant into larger pot

Transplanting Cannabis

The Life cycle of Cannabis – From seed germination to harvesting the buds

Follow the development of any plant is generally exiting, cannabis is definitely not an exception to that rule. Within a couple months you can go from a little taproot breaking the shell to a plant full of flowers, couple feet tall and full of terpenes and cannabinoids.
We’ve gathered this growth in a series of 4 articles that cover each cycle, couple tips along the way too!

Cannabis Comparison tool

Add what you like in cannabis and get all the strains that match!

Cannabis Strain Comparison tool

Check out our tool made to help marijuana growers choose between the thousands of weed strains that are out there! 
In a couple clicks compare find the strains that match your tastes, compare them, and get the best price on the seeds


Indica Strains

Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

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Indica Strains

Z & Z Feminized Seeds


Indica Strains

See Indicas

Sativa Strains

See Sativas

Hybrid Strains

haze weed flower
See Hybrids

Find strains from

Grow reports and reviews

Critical+ 2.0 Auto Grow Report

Critical+ 2.0 flowering with nitrogen deficiency

Big Buddha Cheese Guide

big buddha cheese flower nearing the harvest

Laughing Buddha Grow Report

laughing Buddha trained for a scrog

A question? Get help from fellow growers!

You have a question on cannabis that you just can get the answer to? 
Share it with the community so we can help out!

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Resolvedsagebrush asked 11 months ago • 
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Our indoor grow journal

Check out our little babies! We’re currently on pause but you can crews though our past 5 grows, there’s some nice juicy pics & tips 😉

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